October 27, 2016

10 most popular blogs for you to school up on

We’ve published a lot of content over the past 10 years as we’re continuously releasing new products and features, as well as supplying you with helpful tips and tricks to ensuring your event is a great success.

When we dove into the data to discover which blogs were the most read, it was obvious that our emphasis on data and the correct use of it is also important to you, with Google Analytics appearing multiple times. Other key features also found their way to the top 10 including blogs on Flow (our free entrance management app), customising e-tickets so you can stay on brand, and the art of ticket phasing so you can enjoy maximum revenue from your event.

Take a look at the top 10.

1. 4 ticket types you should have at your event

2. 4 Google Analytics metrics you should learn to love

3. 6 reasons Google Analytics should be your BFF

google analytics

4. How to master ticket phasing

5. How to customise your e-tickets


6. 5 reasons why you should use Flow

7. Connecting your dashboard with Google Analytics

8. How to look at sales stats with Flow

9. Facebook tracking pixel: Know your return on investment

10. What is remarketing and why you should do it

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