February 27, 2014

10 statistics that show why your online ticket sales must be optimised for mobile

Most of us have a vague understanding that mobile usage, and as a component of that, mobile commerce, is rising and evolving. But what do we know about the nature and extent of this trend? And why does it matter? Here is a selection of headline numbers we’ve collected from various sources. Combined, they leave no room for debate about the necessity of mobile-optimisation.

Mobile usage:

  • 1.4bn smartphone users worldwide as of 2013
  • Mobile traffic is expected to make up 25% of all internet traffic by December 2015
  • If your mobile site isn’t working correctly, 46% of those who visited your site will NEVER return again
  • 27% of ALL emails sent are read via mobile devices

Mobile commerce:

  • In 2013, mobile commerce made up 15% of ALL eCommerce sales
  • Global mobile payment transactions are expected to reach a value of $490bn by 2015, up from $171bn in 2012 (almost tripling in value in four years)
  • 41% of smartphone owners have made a purchase from their phones

What about selling tickets? Here are some of our own stats:

  • Last year we saw a 221% year-on-year increase in the number of tickets bought via a mobile device
  • The share of tickets bought by a mobile device in relation to our total ticketing mix has doubled in 2013
  • Reflecting the ongoing increase in the mobile share of global internet traffic, we expect mobile sales to account for over 10% of our total ticket sales in 2014

The lesson for event promoters

The percentage of people buying tickets via mobile is not only increasing, but at an exponential rate.

If you’re not offering a simple, pain-free mobile option for people to buy tickets, the chances are they’ll give up on the purchase and possibly even look at competitor events. Either way, they’re unlikely to bother waiting around until you can provide a better mobile experience.

Maximise your ticket sales by providing a high-quality mobile experience – take a look at our demo ticketshop and click the mobile version.

By Dominick Soar