December 15, 2015

10 Tips till Christmas

Planning a successful festive event can seem somewhat of a scary prospect, with the vast competition, time constraints and pressure of trying to please all your fans. Worry not friends, we’re here to make sure your event will be so great that there won’t be an empty glass in site. So, on the tenth day of Christmas, ticketscript sends to you these friendly words of advice:

1. Capture data

The festive season is traditionally a high traffic period. You’ll probably want to ensure you’re using Google Analytics to capture this traffic for retargeting later in the year.

With ticketscript’s easy to follow Google Analytics classes you’ll be capturing that hard earned data in no time and on the way to success.

You can join the classes here, wherever and whenever.


2. Improve queueing system

Creating a sitemap to ensure fans have the easiest flow around your festivals.

Alternatively, use an entrance management app to quickly scan in attendees and reduce queue time. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect app for that, Flow. To find out more information about its benefits and to download it just click here.


3. Find out who’s attending your event

By using an on the door sales system, like our ticket box, you’ll know exactly how many people visited your event. It fully integrates with the ticketscript dashboard, giving you unprecedented levels of data and insight into your on-the-door sales, including real-time stats. Get the app here and have a play today.


4. Make your event look appealing

You can create more demand for your events by connecting your Facebook events to your ticket shop and enabling the RSVP feature. Essentially, this will show ticket buyers all the people who have clicked attending on your Facebook event, thus making it look more lucrative and attractive.

To set up this function call your account manager today or head straight over to your dashboard and work your way to the promotion section.


5. Get more out of your sponsors

Want people to know about your upcoming events? Or want to give your sponsors more for their buck? Customise your e-ticket and use/sell it as an advertising space. It’s simple, just follow these few steps.


6. Promote your event

Use adwords and banner ads to promote your event online. Lots of people are searching for gifts online at this time of the year, so be creative with your adword settings.


7. Retargeting

Implement Facebook’s new pixel and collect retargeting data to use for future Facebook campaigns.


8. Plan early

Time flies when planning an event, so try not to leave things to the last minute, especially your ticket sales. Get ahead of the game, get your ticket shop set up first and give yourself plenty of time to focus on the more intricate details.


9. Move away from hardcopy tickets

Believe it or not it’s still not uncommon to see people using printed out tickets to enter events, and for event organisers to demand printed tickets. So many times we hear from customers of lost or stolen tickets, but it’s time to put those issues to bed. Event ticketing platforms like ours make this process a whole lot simpler. Allow attendees to make secure payments online and issue e-tickets with scannable barcodes.

If you do encounter any issues whereby ticket holders can’t find their tickets in their email, we’ve also created a solution for this. Get them to use our lost ticket feature, it’s hassle free and takes up zero of your time.


10. Use audience participation technology

Having one speaker on stage talking down at your audience is a thing of the past. Utilise audience participation technology, such as, and allow your attendees to contribute to the event content. This will make for a far more interesting, as well as relevant event.