November 23, 2016

10 years of product highlights

10 years… time flies when you’re having fun! I still remember the day we had to explain what an “e-ticket” was and that yes, indeed it’s super simple to complete a transaction via the internet. Time to look back and reflect on some of the highlights I’ve seen when it comes to our product portfolio over the years courtesy of Our Director of Product and Co-founder, Ruben Meiland. outlet

It all started with the first ticketshop we built on our “incubator website” This first ticketshop (no dashboard attached whatsoever) developed into what is today known as our “outlet shop” ; an online ticketshop that can sell tickets for various clients from one central portal. To date, this feature is still unique in the business!



The very first tickets we sold, were nothing more than an email with a random code that was checked against a spreadsheet at the entrance. This worked for smaller events, but we soon saw this wouldn’t work on a larger scale. This made us the first to launch what were called “Print at home” tickets back then. Sell your own tickets. Print your own tickets.




Remember the days without smartphones? Me neither… But even back then we were able to deliver tickets to your Nokia 3310. It started out with text messages. After that, tickets that were optimised for a mobile browser via Passbook, to eventually tickets that are displayed via Google Now.

Key message being that quite early on we knew that mobile would play a key part in ticket sales. Today,  about 70% of tickets are purchased on a mobile device. We are perfectly able to provide a great user experience in every step of the process because we anticipated this very early on.


Facebook ticketshop

To be honest, this product was so obvious to me, I couldn’t even predict it’s huge success. Our default ticket shop is meant to be implemented on the event’s website. This fits the philosophy we had from day one; the event has a dedicated fanbase, who want to buy their tickets from the event website directly. It’s the easiest and most trustworthy way to buy your ticket.

With the rise of facebook, fewer organisers felt the need to create their own website, so we created an easy way for them to add a ticketshop to their fan page with the click of a button. Since then, a fair amount of ticket sales are purchased via facebook.



Not only did we rattle up the online ticketing business, but with our mobile POS “Ticket Box” we completely disrupted on-the-door ticket sales. Prior to its release, organisers had to rent very expensive and complicated hardware that had to be set up by a third party and gave them no data whatsoever.

By introducing a simple case holding a tablet, card reader and printer which is connected to our central platform, those days are over. Easy, cheap and most importantly; it collects valuable data which is all stored centrally and is completely owned by the organiser.



We are able to provide a smooth entrance solution for events ranging from 10 to 100k visitors. Being a firm believer of a self-service solution, it seemed logical to provide our clients with a simple scanning solution which they could use themselves.

Queue “Flow”.

Developed for both Android and iOS this nifty little app not only allows easy scanning of tickets but can also be used as a reliable guest list management tool and provides our clients with valuable real-time sales statistics.


Reporting suite

One of our main focus points has always been to provide and analyse as much data as possible for our clients. We believe that by analysing data in a smart way, an organiser will understand their visitors better and can anticipate. Over the years our reporting suite has extended significantly to provide them with all kinds of interesting insights; from visitor referrals to geographical information to more advanced loyalty-tracking and advanced sales analysis.


Ticketshop v3

Our most recent development is one to be very proud of! The 3rd revision of our tickets sales widget is not only completely redesigned but also technically rebuilt from the ground up. All according to the latest standards of course. Hyper-responsive, completely customisable, rigged with social media goodies, adapting to local markets and able to handle huge traffic spikes easily.




These are just some of the highlights that I’m very proud of over the last 10 years. As our hunger for innovation and delivering the best tools for our clients never stops, I can’t wait to share some of our upcoming projects with you in the coming months… Stay tuned!