November 06, 2013

15 Apps To Enhance Your Event

Everybody wants their event full of happy attendees who make friends and contacts that they’ll take away with them. Nowadays you’re not short of choice when it comes to app solutions built to help you provide your guests with a better event experience. In fact, the market can be a little overwhelming for the inexperienced.

Here’s a quick round-up of the main providers. If the whole concept is new to you, there are options let that you dip your toe in the water. Equally, some of these businesses have been around a while now and target planners experienced in using apps for their events. Take a look and see which of these might benefit you…

Conferences/Corporate Events Focus

If you’ve ever wondered why, in this day and age, people still lug around boxes of yours/theirs business cards, Bloodhound understands. They specialise in Lead Retrieval – take a look at how they do it. And no, it’s not just a business card printed with a QR code linking to your Linkedin profile, come on.

EventMobile by TripBuilder
TripBuilder claim to cover all bases with their “full-featured, easy-to-use mobile apps”. A simple way to deliver all event info, right up to the last-minute, EventMobile also focuses on the ability to display your sponsors’ ads in the app, making it a “profit centre” as well as a useful tool for attendees.

Double Dutch
Event optimisation is the keyword for this one. Double Dutch put a focus on surveys and polls so you can gather “engagement data” from your (their) mobile app in order to help you improve the next event you put on by listening to what your attendees wanted.

Quick Mobile
These guys offer a whole range of app services depending on factors such as company size and how many events you’re putting on. Take a look at their site to see if there’s something that suits you…

Zerista make sure to promise the right balance of satisfying both your attendees and the sponsors/exhibitors that make the event possible. A “relevant” experience for your guests and “measurable” results” for the financiers. One of the few suppliers who put the integration they offer between web and mobile options front and center of their offering.

Making sure to cater for “pre-event”, “on-site” and “post-event”, EventMobi pride themselves on combining the best of web and native mobile apps. To us, that suggests they’re targeting people who’ve already experienced at least one or the other and understand the impact, rather than the novice first-timer. That said, they do offer a free trial upon enquiry.

Evenium ConnexMe

Free(ish) Solutions/Smaller Scale Events

A bit different – this totally free service is open for anyone to try no matter whether its for a birthday party, a wedding or a ticketed event. It’s all about photo-sharing, so you needn’t worry about hunting around for everyone’s pictures and collating them manually. Invite your list of attendees through Facebook, phone contacts, or by sharing a secret event number with them.

Possibly the only vendor truly offering a solution for all sizes/budgets (including £0), Bizzabo have a refreshingly clear pricing structure on their site. A basic free option for events with under 350 attendees is a perfect way to test the water and see just whether your particular event would benefit from an app.

This is another option useful for exploratory purposes – if you’ve never tried to set up an app for your event and can’t imagine what it would look like, Attendify’s free build option may be worth taking a look at. Choose between the Social App and the Guide App and only pay if you go ahead and use it – starting from $399.

If you’ve worked with any of the above options, we’d love to hear your feedback. Just comment right below or drop us a tweet and we’ll work your input into our post.

We gathered the above information as just a peek into the world of event apps, but if you’re after a guide on how to select on, Event Manager Blog have put together this “Bible” on the topic.

By Dominick Soar