December 02, 2014

2014 trends in review

So, 2014 is coming to an end. Sad right? We witnessed Germany win the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ win record of the year during the 56th Annual Grammy’s and 12 Years A Slave win Best Picture at the Oscar’s.

Now it’s time to review our predictions in the ticketing and events industry and see if they’re more comparable to Paul the Octopus (football prediction extraordinaire) or Mystic Meg.

Digital wallets
Earlier this year, digital wallets were predicted to make an impact in 2014, were we correct? Yes we were.

It’s become apparent throughout the year that digital wallets are becoming more prevalent. Names like Apple Pay, Paypal, Amazon Payment, Softcard and Square have all delved into this expanding market.

Apple Pay’s venture into the digital wallets market saw the start of the official partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others for their initial venture in the US, further legitimising their effort for market dominance, as they’ve gained with smartphones and tablets. Apple Pay clients include McDonald’s, Nike, Subway and Groupon, with the list due to rapidly expand as its availability spreads.

To be introduced into the UK in 2015, Apple Pay won’t be the last digital wallet to be introduced in the UK. Apple will be battling the likes of Android Pay, Paypal and Amazon Payment for supremacy.

Obvious fears of this time-saving payment method, such as the recent hacking of Apple’s iCloud may cast a slight shadow on the introduction to the UK, however it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, and with internet security of top priority for Apple and other competitors, a more secure and safe process will likely be introduced.

Mobile ticketing growth
With mobile users at an all time high, faster internet speeds and greater usage, the prediction seemed logical, but were we on point? Well, you guessed it.

Essential Retail reports: “Mobile continues to play a growing role in Shop Direct’s strategy, with 52% of online sales in the first quarter of the current fiscal period made on either a smartphone or tablet device.” 

Everyone’s a promoter
So has the democratisation of the events industry continued? You bet it did. More and more people are talking about the major changes the industry’s undergoing – specifically the raise in white-label ticketing solutions, like us. 

As Europe’s leading digital self-service ticketing solution, we know the importance of this democratisation. Not only do we provide ticketing to events of any size, shape or form, but we also provide helpful advice and tips via our blog to give you some help planning and organising your event. 

Niche and “hyperlocal” events
Niche events have come in all different shapes and sizes, and have definitely been on the raise this year. We’ve seen everyone from farmers create events for country shows to students organising events for university societies.

A client we’re particularly proud of is Backyard Cinema. Having seen the cinema-going experience waning, Backyard helped to pioneer the new interactive cinema experience.
Interactive, Independent and Innovative: Backyard Cinema have seen thousands attend one of their five ‘pop-up’ environments and with over 41 films have been viewed, the interactive experience event has been a great success.

Interactive events
Over the course of the year we’ve seen the evolution of interactive events. Alongside horror-based events, we’ve seen creative juices flow thanks to the Iris Theatre.

The Iris Theatre, have showcased amazing interactive shows with ‘The Man Who Stole The Circus’, ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’, ‘Richard III’ and during the festive period, ‘Xmas Factor’. The experience event allows the input of the audience from start to finish of the show. When you purchase your ticket, you’re not a member of the audience, you’re part of the show.

Digital wallets, the growth in mobile commerce, and the growth of niche and interactive events all represented well in the ever-changing world of events & ticketing in 2014.
A little teaser for 2015, in two words ‘Internet’ & ‘Data’. While some things will stay the same, the year will see many changes that will likely affect both personal habits and business practises. Keep an eye out for our trends of 2015 blog that’ll be posted in a few short weeks.

Raj Jilka