December 18, 2015

2016 #eventprofs New Year’s Resolutions

It’s at around this time of year that we start to think about new year’s resolutions. Typically, it’s things like giving up smoking, losing weight, or looking for a new job. But if you run your own events, perhaps your new year’s resolution could be about how to increase revenue and engage with modern day technology to analyse which marketing and promotion has the best return on investment, how to protect your customer data from being handed over to competitors by third party ticket agents, and how to utilise the information that your data provides. After all, data is fast becoming the new ‘gold’ in terms of a valuable commodity.

That being said, we’ve put our analytic and creative heads together to come up with a few ideas for event professionals’ new year’s resolutions that will lead to bigger and better events in 2016.

1) Subscribe to ticketscript webinars

Each month we host webinars on a wide variety of topics, from Google Analytics to Using Data For Your Event.  These talks offer great insights and tips into available technology and how to utilise your data to the best effect. Next February we’ll be approaching social media and your events, so don’t forget to mark it in your calendars! Oh and for the latest event tips, visit our blog or Facebook page.

2) Don’t give away your data

Data is fast becoming a new currency within commerce.  Why give your valuable database of customer’s details away for free by using a third party ticketing company, who will keep your customers information, and then market to them with your competitors events? Most ticketing companies keep your customers’ details. Not us.


3) Go for the experience

Millennials are more willing to fork out money for an experience instead of a manufactured item. Put time and imagination into making your event a unique experience. There has been a huge rise in experiential events such as Gingerline; a group of clandestine diner’s hosting nomadic theatrical supper clubs and creating unusual dining experiences.  Not only that, but even festivals such as Latitude, On Blackheath or Bestival where music isn’t necessarily the main attraction anymore; poetry, comedy, drama, yoga, cuisine and family entertainment run alongside live music and attract a new demographic of festival goers.

4) Experiment with pop-ups

Got a new concept? Experiment by hosting a pop-up event. There’s been a rise of pop-ups across shops, stations, fitness studios and more or less anywhere you can think of during 2015. This trend is only going to grow and become increasingly popular. If you’re looking for locations around London for your pop-up event, take a look at Appear Here, an organisation which will help you find a space for your idea.

A pop-up is a perfect opportunity for you to test and promote your new concepts, as well as shop around other people’s pop up events to potentially acquire elements for your own event/festival.

5)  Utilise ticketscript’s free technology

 As an event partner with ticketscript, you have access to technology that can tell you geographically where your customers purchased their tickets, which device they used, which website they were on before yours so you can see if they were directed by a listing site, or a publication you have advertised in etc.  Make a habit of using our technology to track where your customers have come from. If you discover that lots are coming from the east of your city, and your event is in the south, perhaps you can put on an additional event on in the south.


6) Going green/greener

Take a step to make your event more environmentally friendly.  Studies show, and the power of the pound/euro confirm that it is important to your customers to have recycling facilities available, and ethically sourced food and drinks available. This will  save on your clean-up costs (Glastonbury alone spent £780,000 cleaning up after the festival). Find out more about how to use sustainable energy, and ethical products at your event by checking out our latest blog on 2016 trends.


7) Use ticketscript’s award winning app

For entrance management, use ticketscript’s app, Flow. Both you and your customers will experience a smoother event experience. Flow simply turns your Apple or Android device into a portable ticket scanner and can also be used to swipe attendees through. It also helps to manage your queues, plus it detects fraudulent and duplicate tickets.

It allows you to monitor your event attendance at any time with a real-time overview of your ticket entry scans. Download the app and see what else it has to offer you over here.

8) Finally, rev up your marketing budget

2016 is predicted to be the year where brands will be spending more from their marketing budget, so make sure to do the same if you want a stake in the game.