December 24, 2015

2016 Trends, Challenges and Opportunities Predicted by Event Experts

Trying to plan for the new year and anticipate the changes that come with it can be somewhat mind boggling, but don’t stress about it too much. We’ve spoken to a few event experts who will be sure to help you find your path and send you flying through 2016.

We’ve asked event organisations, such as Chasing the Hihat Chagstock and Event Industry News a few questions to help identify upcoming event trends, challenges and technological opportunities.


Ridder Haspels, co-founder and technical director of Chasing the Hihat Event Productions

The challenges for events in Amsterdam are definitely locations. They are scarce. However, opportunity lies within the event concept. Nowadays, with the likes of social media it’s much easier to push that concept out there, test it and hopefully get it to skyrocket quickly.

Si Ford, founder of Chagstock Music Festival

The biggest challenge is keeping up with the increasing cost of headline acts whilst trying to keep the event affordable and un-corporate. Some of the bigger events, who sell out anyway, put heavy restrictions against the acts they sign up so that they can’t play at other festivals. It makes it difficult for the smaller festivals

We’re seeing massive online opportunities these days with Facebook and other social media operations, meaning it’s much easier to reach your target audience, albeit at a cost. But of course everyone is doing it so one needs to find an edge!


Jeroen Gommers, ticket manager at Jera on Air

I think the increasing use and availability of interactive media tailor made to individual people will provide ways to keep people involved with our event the entire year, even if the event itself is only that one weekend.


Adam Parry, founder of Event Industry News

What’s close to my heart and what I think is a challenge at present, but one that will pass by is understanding the technology, software and platforms available to organisers and planners at present and the support and ROI they can provide to events.

It’s a sea of technology out there and it can take a lot of time and investment to incorporate those technologies into part of an event. To get over this, I think knowledge sharing within the sector is key, sharing data, what does and doesn’t work would help to support and provide a more robust and booming sector. However, investing in project management software, such as eventtia or WeTrack will help get back some of that precious time event organisers and agencies don’t seem to have a lot of.  These platforms can provide up to the minute data on where all the elements are on a project and communicate that out to the rest of the team!

One area that has seen a boom in the industry is pop up events. They run for a period of weeks or months covering areas such as food, which throw in a social or music element. These are now offering a wider range of attendees a reason to attend events. No longer is it solely about one aspect, such as getting a decent headliner playing. In this way, events are becoming increasingly social destinations.


Toby Dier, Access Control Manager at ticketscript

2016 sees a mixture of old and new events, The UK Game Fair, Brighton Pride, Southport Airshow and all of the Live Promotions events bring big production challenges. They all include site wide wifi, multiple synchronizing entrances and ticketbox installations. Luckily we’ve got an experienced team at hand for all technical requirements.

In the new year, I’d really like to see the adoption of NFC technology. As we all know it’s been about for years and never really took off in the ticketing world. Here at ticketscript we’re ensuring that all of our equipment is NFC ready, so when you guys are ready for it, we’ll be ready.


Abdoel Sahib, co-founder of A-Venue

Weather has been and continues to be a challenge. In order to be fully prepared for this and take every precaution possible, it’s worth hiring a company that together with your insurance company can create procedures to make sure that everyone knows what to do when there are extreme weather conditions.

In terms of technology and audience engagement, opportunities lie within the mobile sector. We think you should have your own app to communicate with your visitors as it can give your audience more relevant and targeted information than you may get from just social media or more traditional promotional material. With an app you can integrate cashless payment, manage your entrance, provide parking and locker tickets and GPS tracking so people can find their way around your event.