September 11, 2015

3 events that were out of this world

Fighting planner’s block and looking for some new event inspiration? Perhaps we should follow John Smith’s lead. Earlier this year the folks at the brewery decided to adopt a literal approach to raising brand awareness, firing a crate of limited edition ale 37,430 metres into the atmosphere. Although it might be a bit excessive to fire your guests into space, we’ve found a few almost out-of-this-world events that can give your creativity an equally impressive boost.

Dinner in the Sky

As you would expect, Dinner in the Sky promises a memorable mealtime experience. The Belgian company’s event, which has been hosted by 45 countries, sees diners eating their meal while hoisted above the ground via crane. Newbies can eat at 25 metres in London, while those truly determined to leave earth behind can snack at a giddy 50 metres in Croatia. The company also offers private hire for unique weddings and promotional events.


Roof of Africa

Though it’s not quite space, you can’t race much higher than bikers at this annual event in Lesotho dare to. Competitors speed along at an altitude of 1,500-3,000 metres above sea level, making it nothing short of incredible that these daredevils can focus on navigating the track’s harsh terrain. If you’re not keen on the vertigo yourself, perhaps consider some gravity-defying entertainment at your next event – circus performers like aerial silk gymnasts are sure to get your guests talking.



San Diego’s Comic-con offers 130,000 sci-fi fans a chance to meet their favourite actors and characters while participating in fancy dress, gaming and film events. If you like the idea of an out-of-this-world theme but aren’t keen on heights, why not try organising a science fiction film festival or fancy dress party of your own.


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