September 28, 2015

3 stupid questions that aren’t that stupid

Turns out it’s Ask a Stupid Question Day today so we thought given the influx of questions we receive from customers per week this would make an appropriate article. It seems that as we get older our questioning decreases. We lose track of that five year old within and stray away from asking a tonne of ‘whys.’ Perhaps as we become more analytical we worry our questions are going to sound stupid or we’re going to be sidelined for them.

Well, we’re here to tell you that no question is stupid, and there are only stupid answers. We’ve taken a few questions from ticket buyers that may come across as stupid, but will definitely come in handy!



I bought 2 e-tickets for an event with your ticketshop. I tried to send the confirmation email to my partner, so he could print the tickets. I then read the email and realised this is not allowed and that the tickets will not be valid anymore. Are my tickets still valid?


Thank you for your enquiry. Don’t worry, you can send or print the tickets several times, but you can only use them once. E-tickets can also be scanned off a mobile phone screen, or an Apple watch.

At the entrance of the event is the point that the barcode, displayed on the tickets, will be scanned to allow entry and will no longer be valid. 



I’ve bought some tickets and when I printed them I realised that almost the whole page is empty with the word ticketscript on it. In the middle there is no picture or anything. Only the barcode at the bottom right of the ticket. Is it ok like this?


Thank you for your enquiry. Your tickets are valid.  The empty space is an optional area should an event organiser wish to have a logo or image to be included.

Please note that it is the unique barcode that needs to be clear and readable to allow scanning and entrance to the event.



I bought an ´e-ticket´ but I do not have a printer! Is it ok if I go to the venue at the time of the event and tell the doormen that I’ve received a confirmation email and that the email is at home on my computer?


Thank you for your enquiry.  Unfortunately, if you have purchased an e-ticket then it is necessary for you to print the ticket in order for the unique barcode, displayed on the ticket, to be scanned, thereby allowing entry.

If you are experiencing problems with printing your ticket(s) we advise you to do the following:

– copy the ticket(s) to a memory stick and upload it to another computer (with access to a functioning printer)

– send the downloaded tickets by email (as an attachment) to another computer (with access to a functioning printer)

– download a mobile ticket/add to passbook

– show e-ticket on your mobile phone


We hope you’ve found these questions useful, and remember, if you’ve ever got a question never hesitate to ask. Just send an email to Alternatively, if your concern is regarding a lost ticket, just use our lost ticket feature here.