October 05, 2015

4 of the world’s best film festivals

Film festival organisers are brilliant at transforming leafy parks, local cinemas and city squares into buzzing cultural hubs. We’re film fanatics here at ticketscript, and with the BFI London Film Festival just around the corner, we’ve been inspired to read up on the world’s finest film events. Lights, camera, action…

1. Raindance Film Festival, multiple locations

The Raindance Film Festival showcases everything from hand-held shorts to the latest indie marathons. The event’s organisers pride themselves on discovering new talent and being innovative – this year will feature a live-streamed ‘Web Fest’ that lets festival-goers quiz industry experts on the secrets of their craft.


2. Festival de Cannes, France

France’s most famous film festival has always had some pretty lofty goals; to contribute to the development of cinema and boost the film industry worldwide, no less. Cannes’ organisers are the best in the business and have nearly seventy years of experience to build on, so visitors are guaranteed to catch a glimpse of the industry’s finest on the ‘Red Carpet Steps’.




3. Sundance Festival, Utah, USA

This festival aims to dazzle guests with the world’s most original storytelling. The event, which is held in the beautiful mountainside setting of Salt Lake City, gives international artists a chance to showcase music, art installations and documentaries alongside their indie films. A true paradise for lovers of unconventional art.



4. Shanghai International Film Festival, China

Shanghai’s glitzy film festival is a spectacle to behold. Thousands of films per year are submitted by hopefuls in search of the prestigious ‘Golden Goblet’ awards, making the SIFF a cinematic battleground with some epic rivalries. With so many great flicks on the bill, guests will need a seriously hefty bucket of popcorn to see them through!


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