August 26, 2015

4 steps to hosting a club night to remember

With great power comes great responsibility, and not just if you’re 50% radioactive spider. The same can be said about hosting a great club night. Once you’ve got your venue and theme nailed down, stay on track and pull it off like a pro with these handy tips.

  1. Start small, promote big

While we all love mega-events like Glastonbury and Coachella, exclusive, niche parties have a whole charm of their own. Publicise your intimate event through social media and email marketing – remember, connecting to your target audience is key. Also, think of ways to make your club night stand out from the rest. This could mean partnering up with an up-and-coming DJ, or working with a local brand to launch a new product at your event.

  1. Master your sound and lighting

Think quality over quantity. It pays to spend a little more on your sound system. Work with a trustworthy and reliable team that have experience in managing the sort of party you’re looking to throw. Always leave time for sound and light checks before the night gets underway.

  1. Spend wisely

If you’re planning a one-off event, order your alcohol on consignment. This means you can return any extra bottles the next day and only pay for what you’ve sold or opened. Scope out the market for the best caterers and be sure to pay on time – leaving a good first impression might translate to better prices in the future!

  1. Don’t forget the bathrooms

Yup, it’s good to cover all fronts. Remember, your guests want to be on the dancefloor and not queuing up for the loo. Go the extra mile and make sure the toilets are regularly cleaned and stocked throughout the night.

When hosting your own event, you already have enough to think about. Keep ticketing simple, and if you haven’t already, start creating your event with ticketscript today.