December 01, 2015

4 Ways to Make Your Event Merrier

As we enter into the Christmas period everyone’s lives become extremely busy and the social calendar seems to fill up faster than we can handle. It’s therefore super important that any event planning you do is on point and will cut through the competition to ensure your party is one that will be talked about on Xmas day. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to ensure people not only attend your event but also leave feeling as merry as the big man coming down the chimney.

Early bird specials

Give people a reason to get on board early with a tiered ticketing price structure so that you can attract early guaranteed numbers to your event. Allocate a percentage (15-20%) of your tickets to an early bird special where people pay a discounted price to reward their excitement and commitment to your event. Make sure you encourage these early birds to share their ticket purchase across social media. It’s easy, all they have to do is click on the share button in the ticketshop. This way, they can help spread the message in what is often the most effective form of marketing: word-of-mouth.  


Post interesting content to build excitement

Firstly ensure you have your event set up on Facebook and other social channels so you can build your community, then provide your customers with some engaging content to build excitement levels in the lead up to your event. Field Day London are doing a great job of this right now by rolling out video content (a montage of previous years to build that emotive connection with the audience) and also a Spotify playlist of featured artists who have been announced.


Set the scene

No matter what kind of event you’re throwing it is crucial to set the scene right as soon as your customers enter the venue. This can be done by ensuring your entrance management is slick which can be assisted by the use of clever entrance software so that your crowd is not stuck in a line freezing their backsides off. Another option is to provide entertainment or a freebie on entry. Recently, one of our clients, Absolut, threw an amazing party ‘Electrik London: An Exploration into the Future of Nightlife’ and covered off both these points with a flamboyant host welcoming guests into the venue before they were served a glowing cocktail that was was very much on theme with the night.


Give them something to remember you by

Now that you’re throwing the best party in town it would be a shame if your happy attendees were to leave without a piece of memorabilia. You’ve probably been in a few photobooth shots with way too many people crammed in a cupboard-esque room, so you’ll be familiar with how excited people get by these. You can have your logo or event name printed on the photo or if budgets are tight, how about just use a basic polaroid camera yourself, grab a few funny props from your local thrift store, a stamp with your event name and away you go… DIY style! This gives your happy customers something to stick on the wall at home, tweet or post to social media and of course provides memories so this time next year they’re already gearing up for a repeat!

photobooth image

Photo by Boxless Booths from Rugby World Cup party