July 01, 2015

5 Effective SEO Tips

Are you suffering from a low number of visits to your website? Are you not a result in the first few pages of a Google search? Well then, I think it’s time to look at your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) activity. To help you get out of this online pickle we’ve got five tips to help up your online presence and get you to stand out, like Arnold Schwarzenegger at a kindergarten.

The right keyword

A keyword can be more than one word. When you’re looking for a holiday and type in ‘Beach Break’, a website will check it’s search engine to find the matches with the highest score.

How does this apply to your website? Begin with at least 30 search terms. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and be creative in doing so. The words ‘event’, ‘party’ and ‘festival’ are not unique enough. Think outside the box.

Sharp text

Google/Bing/Yahoo love sharp and creative texts. When utilising creative keywords, make sure they’re relevant, Google will know if you’re trying to pull one over on them and will consider it as spam.

Keep up-to-date

Customise your website’s text, care for your new content and constantly try to use new keywords. It’s about trial and error to find what suits your website the best. Doing so will result in a higher score and land you higher on search engines.

Tip: Create an account through Google Analytics and test how your website ranks!

Everything you need to know about Google Analytics here.

Provide reviews

Google appreciates what type of online visitors find you. You can deploy a star system on your website, alternatively create a place where reviews can be left behind. The reviews provide further credence to quality of your website.


Create a blog in which you insert unique content. For example, provide valuable tips, or partner with external bloggers to write a blog on a topic that relates to your event. Also, ensure your blogs link to other websites.

Remember, be creative and continue to perfect your keywords, it’ll pay fantastic dividends for your website and before you know it you’ll be ranked higher in the next search engine result.