September 07, 2015

5 essentials for your guest goody bags

We’ve all experienced the disappointment that accompanies a bad goody bag. You’ve taken the bag with a smile and delved in at the first opportunity, only to discover that you’ve been tricked into taking ownership of a paper crown and an oddly shaped stress ball. It’s a serious event no-no in our books, so read on to discover a few suggestions that will please even the pickiest party-goer.

1. A branded T-shirt

A personalised T-shirt will usually go down well, especially if you keep your logo reasonably small. Be sure to apply the ‘would I wear it’ test: if you wouldn’t mind being seen in it, chances are your guests won’t either.

2. A custom greetings card

Slipping a small, preferably handwritten, note into goody bags is a great way to let your guests know that they’re valued. Regular event-goers may receive hundreds of generic bags every year, so this is your chance to stand out with a little humour and a memorable message.

3. A voucher

Though you’ll need to do a bit of brainstorming to settle on the specifics, a voucher or token can give goody bags a premium feel. Start by contacting a few companies and letting them know about your event; you might be able to bag a few free vouchers in exchange for the publicity.

4. A tasty treat

Food is good, but free food is better. Treat your guests with a packet of classy mints or a small box of quality chocolates. Try not to be too avant-garde; guests may not share your quirky tastes.

5. A gadget

Depending on your budget, you might want to consider throwing a few gadgets into your goody bags. Tech gizmos like USB drives and chargers won’t break the bank, and will remind guests of your event long after the doors have closed.

Before you start writing notes and putting together your little treasure troves, contact ticketscript to bring guests to the goodies.