February 14, 2015

5 Events That Attract the Most Casual Encounters

This year we’ve decided to change tactic, and rather than just celebrate Valentine’s Day, we also wanted to give something back to the singles via Singles Awareness Day. However, don’t hold those horses too tight, as research finds that even couples enjoy these ‘casual’ encounters – alone and with partners.

We’ve taken these opportunities to enlighten you with five events renowned for giving people the opportunity to enjoy God’s gift of reproductive pleasure, out in the open (literally).

The Olympics
‘What happens in the village stays in the village,’ as swimmer Summer Sanders would say. Let’s just say Olympians know how to use up their energy….and not just on the tracks, but apparently on the grass, between buildings and on balconies. According to the world-record-holding swimmer Ryan Lochte, it is estimated that about 70 to 75 percent of Olympians hook up. After extensive training throughout the year, unable to meet anyone and over protected by trainers and parents, the animals are unleashed into the den without any limitations. Alpine skier, Carrie Sheinberg, describes it as “just a magical, fairy-tale place, like Alice in Wonderland, where everything is possible. You could win a gold medal and you can sleep with a really hot guy.”

Going from training every single day to having almost nothing to do, they have tonnes of energy to unleash, and they find ways to do that with like minded people. They go from one extreme to another – from totally focused to partying and groping each other till 6/7am in the morning. These guys are always up for a challenge, and have no problem praising the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto. If they’re not getting with each other, then they’re sure to be paying someone to do so.


By now it’s common knowledge that any conference type event means an abundance of hawk eyes and with that comest hooking up! SXSW is definitely one that doesn’t fall short of this reputation. Film, music and technology aren’t the only things on attendees’ minds, and power-networking has a bit more touching in it than you’d expect. One thing to always keep on the look out for is a ring or a ring tan line – this is the ultimate married person’s hook up terrain (unless the hitched up are what tickle your fancy).

This event has not lied about being interactive! In fact, it went so far one time that Bang With Friends brought with them a specialised version of the app called Bang With SXSW, which attracted over 200 hookups. Sadly, this is now banned. But if you’re looking for a helping hand in the ‘love’ department then be sure to expense your company with some tacos – the quickest way to a girl’s heart, as some may say.

Burning Man – Orgy Dome
It’s probably no surprise to you that Burning Man has an orgy tent. They have probably thought of about everything possible, from dreamboxes to event entrance via skydiving….and now: The Orgy Dome. Out of the 68,000 festival attendees 5,000 enjoy sharing their ‘love making’ habits with others. This tent only invites couples or people in threes (ménage à trois?). On entrance you’re given a handful of protection gear and a towel. The tent overflows with couples at different stages of their hanky panky time. So, loved ones, if you’re all about shared experiences by Burning Man standards then it looks like this is the place to be. Singletons, if this is also your cup of tea, well, you’re out of luck, but feel free to source your own special party!

Nerdy sci-fi enthusiasts rocking the one night stand scene? Who’d have imagined? Well, to be fair, after Marvel’s comics becoming a centerpiece of Hollywood, having actors such as Robert Downing Junior play Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth as Thor, how could one think otherwise? Comic-Con has not only mastered one night stands, but has become the graceland for kinky group casual encounters (yes, orgies)! If you love a good costume party with a slight twist to it then this is your world and you should definitely conquer it. All you have to do is go to Craiglist’s Casual Encounters section, publish your special request and what member of the opposite sex you fancy e.g. M4W or M4M. And you know what? When you finally get into the groovy get down, up, inside and out action you don’t even have to take off your clothes. It’s that easy!

Last, but not least, the sweetest one of them all. Seriously, this one seems rather innocent compared to the rest of them. At least it takes place in your own personal tent (if you’d like) and only involves two counterparts. Festivals are a great way to meet like minded people, and if you’re not feeling it with someone then there are many ways to not have to run into them again, especially at a festival like Glasto! With this knowledge in mind, dating website MySingleFriend.com launched a new festival service called MySingleTent.com which easily allows you to check out and meet other festival talent (we don’t mean artists). So whether you fancy a romantic evening watching the sunset go down on the main stage or getting down and dirty in Heaven ‘n’ Hell, there’s an easy solution to find some festival lovin’.

So, without further ado, we hope you have a Happy Valentine’s and Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Emma Brincat