June 23, 2015

5 reasons why you want to use Flow

May saw 50% of all events with 50 tickets of more use Flow app to scan tickets. Pretty great, right? Once you’ve read the following, we’re sure you’ll be using the Flow app at your next event too.

Fast scanning and wireless tickets

Transform your Apple or Android smartphone into a mobile scanner and begin to scan tickets with greater speed using the camera.


Scan with 8 devices simultaneously

Connect up to eight devices together, synchronize and begin scanning. You can do this over a local network for iOS users, or wifi for Android.



Insights into statistics

Flow app is connected with your ticketscript dashboard, giving you real-time data and statistics during and after the event making analysis and decision-making easier . For example the data captured could trigger efficient changes for the next event by using more scanners at different entrances.


Online until the last moment

Flow synchronizes with your dashboard meaning you’ll never have to take your event offline. You can sell tickets until the very last second of the show.



It’s free!

Let’s not forget to mention the app is completely free of charge!

Want to download Flow? Click here for Android and here for Apple.

Go with the Flow!