July 15, 2015

5 things to consider when throwing an event on Pluto

With Pluto being at the forefront of the news lately we couldn’t help but think about the possibilities of throwing an event on the so-called dwarf planet. But careful folks, there are many setbacks and things to consider, and here are just a few of them:

Schedule social media posts

It took 4.5 hours for Pluto’s most recent photo to reach Earth, so it doesn’t look like your posts will be hitting your fanbase anytime soon! Be ahead of time and you’ll be on time. Tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Social Bro can help you with this.


Make your lighting top notch

If you want to appear in NASA’S colour composite make sure you get some decent lighting experts with you to make your event shine through.



Layer up

Pluto’s polar cap is made up of ice. It’s so far away from the sun that temperatures are recorded from -235 to -210 degrees celsius. So, you may want to consider taking up some extra gloves and jackets and some hot chocolate with rum vendors.


Hurry up

Nasa recently confirmed nitrogen has been seeping out of Pluto’s atmosphere, which means it could be losing its atmosphere faster than previously believed. So hurry up before it goes!

It’s no doubt with all the hype Pluto’s had on the internet lately that the hipsters are going to start venturing their way there to take over. So get there fast or find a new planet!


Ticketbox miles

Our ticketbox does a good job of travelling about. Between the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany it’s travelled at least 3500 miles in one trip, but still hasn’t quite made it outside the Earth’s atmosphere. So, if you fancy breaking records feel free to take one of our little guys with you.




Emma Brincat