July 17, 2014

5 things to do next: your post-event checklist

So your event has finally been and gone. Your emotions are a cocktail of relief, satisfaction, pride and, quite possibly, a hint of wondering what do I do now? We’re all about helping grow your events business, which means that when an event has taken place, it’s time to take stock of it all and work out how to make the next one even bigger and even better.

Here’s a simple list of pointers to check off. Follow these and you’ll be in great shape to take things up a level next time around.

1. Follow up with social media and email promotion

In the aftermath of your event, your guests, attendees, visitors may no longer be with you physically, but thanks to the internet, they’re never more than a few clicks or taps away.

Sharing rich and engaging content is the best way to build a rapport with your social media audiences and email database. Now, consider that in one sense, the event just passed was one big content-generating machine, and half the work is done for you. You’ll have pictures, videos, stories and memories about what happened and so will your audience.

Post as much of this material as possible and encourage your guests to do the same. Not only will it foster loyalty with your current fans but it’s the best way to showcase the best of your event to future prospects who might stop by.

2. Analyse your sales data and optimise

It’s no longer just the big businesses, number bods and Excel pros who can benefit from analysing their customer data and sales statistics. We provide reporting tools for every event promoter to better understand their customers and potential customers.

The #sellmore reporting suite in your ticketscript dashboard can tell you on which days most tickets were sold, helping you to plan timings and promotions for the future. It can show you where most ticket buyers come from, where you need to market to more or where you might host future events. How many visitors buy mobile tickets? Which sites refer them – in other words, which of your online marketing activities proivde the best return? You can see it all with the bundles of insightful data we give you.

3. Admin!

Though it may be tempting, you can’t charge ahead to plan your next event without making sure you’ve tied off any loose ends following this one.

Have you made all your calculations, reconciled and paid all the parties what they’re due? Making sure all your partners and collaborators are happy is just as important as guest satisfaction if you want to work together again. Keep a paper trail of everything in this regard so that you know where you stand, and don’t forget to review the status of your permissions too.

4. Visitor experience review

Hopefully you felt the event went smoothly and customer satisfaction contributed to a positive atmosphere. Rather than take this for granted though, it’s worth checking over different aspects of the customer experience that could be improved.

For example, consider the queues and wait times on toilets, bars, catering, entrances and other high-traffic areas. Were there any points where crowds built up? Any measures you could take to avoid this next time?

Changes in layout, staff numbers or facilities provided can make a big difference to timings. Regarding the entrance, of course, we can help provide you with assistance to professionalise this aspect – perhaps consider our new product, ticketbox.

5. Acknowledgements

This might sound like a minor thing, and that’s all the more reason to act on it. Good manners cost nothing, as they say. In the middle of the stress and the panic that can ensue making your event happen, dialogue can get a little blunt and functional, void of pleasantries.

When the dust has settled and you’ve a moment of relative down time, taking a moment to connect with everyone you worked with just to say thanks and show your appreciation which helps keep valuable contacts sweet and important relationships in tact. Plus, it’s just nice to be nice, isn’t it?

– – – – – –

By Dominick Soar