February 05, 2016

5 Things Valentine’s Can Teach #eventprofs

Valentines, it’s not just love birds who look forward to this special day. This holiday is significant for many businesses too, especially event organisations. It serves as a perfect opportunity for organisers to give business a significant boost to kick off the year.

Last year, Valentine’s contributed approximately a whopping £1.9 billion to the UK economy. After Christmas, Easter and Halloween (yes, Halloween), Valentine’s is the fourth biggest event in the world, so it’s perfectly understandable you wouldn’t want to miss out on hosting an event of your own at this point in time.

According to Facebook research, 73% of Facebook users in the UK start their Valentine’s Day planning a week before February 14th. This knowledge serves as an opportunity for organisers, but also a lesson to be learnt in the organisational area. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve probably witnessed on some level the damage last minute thinking can cause to relationships at this time of year. Afterall, it has been noted in recent years that divorces tend to increase around the Valentine’s period, so without further ado, here are a few things you could learn from this yearly beloved event:


Book early

Like any other holiday Valentine’s is over saturated meaning trying to book anywhere, especially last minute, is a nightmare. Whether you’re booking a venue or entertainment stay ahead of the game, giving yourself lots to choose from in plenty of time. Surely you don’t want to end up buying all your guests a kitten each to make up for an overcrowded venue.


Let go of expectations

Don’t always take people’s word for it because you may end up disappointed. Your boyfriend may claim he’s already made plans for Valentines, but according to Facebook’s research 61% of men only start planning a week before, so don’t count on it too much. Likewise, you never know if a venue will cancel on you last minute or your entertainer is going to get stuck in traffic, so always have a plan B.


Be creative

If you do what everyone else does then it won’t be special. Just like women want to be taken somewhere exciting and surprised with flowers, well, audiences also want that element of the unexpected. Monitor what your competition is doing, take elements from each that inspire you, and make it your own.


Be passionate

Come on, be realistic, you know this one had to pop up sooner or later. Passion is supposed to be the main driver of Valentine’s, we couldn’t leave it out. Remember why you got into events and use that same energy to deliver a brilliant Valentine’s event.


Time your marketing

As we mentioned earlier on, knowing that a high percentage of people make plans a week before can be used to your advantage. Help people make up their minds this Valentine’s, focus on heavily promoting your event in that one week before. Targeting social media platforms and sites is an obvious way to go to achieve better results. Put some time and effort into creating Facebook ads and get the hang of Google Analytics. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult, we’ve already put together a blog on Facebook advertising for you, and it gets better….wait for it….we’ve got Google Analytics classes available for any level, from beginner to advanced.