July 26, 2016

5 tips to help you get started with SEO

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? Sounds confusing? Well in its most simple form, SEO relates to trying to get your website listed as high up in the Google or Bing search results page as possible. In theory, the higher up your site appears in the search results, the more likely you are to gaining additional traffic to your event website. Simple stuff right? Let’s get started on some basic tips so you can get started.

SEO Audit  

Before you start on your SEO journey, it is important to understand where you currently stand in terms of SEO and your site. To do this, we recommend carrying out an SEO audit. There are great free resources available out there that will help you analyse your site, along with helping your efforts in terms of keyword research and competitor analysis. Try SEMrush Site Audit to get started.


Create a sitemap

Building a sitemap for your website ensures that you can be found when a topic or search term is inputted into the Google search engine. Sometimes you might want to hide a certain page or blog article from your website if it’s no longer timely, but you can still index this page by adding it to your sitemap. The more URLs you index with Google, the better chance you have of appearing in their search rankings. A clear sitemap allows Google to understand your website and the happier Google is with your site, the higher you show in their rankings. For more information on building a sitemap click here.


Keywords throughout website

When writing content for your website you want to think about the search terms that a user would use if they were searching for information about a given topic. This does not mean using the keywords in every sentence, as search engines will recognise this spamming technique and you could ultimately be disadvantaged in the search results rankings. Place the keywords within the title and near the top of your content for best results. Using long-tail keywords (3-4 word phrases specific to your offering) can also be very effective in increasing relevance. If you have an idea of a phrase that a user is likely to search for that’s specific to your content, then use this long-tailed keyword to improve your chances of gaining a higher ranking.


Start a blog!

By adding a blog to your website and ensuring you update it regularly, with relevant information, is a great way of improving SEO and gaining more traffic to your site. Every new blog is essentially another URL that can be added to your sitemap and gives you more content to plug-in keywords. The more content and keywords you can include in your website, the more likely Google will be able to find relevant information on your site to suggest to users in the search results. Pretty simple huh? Just remember, although producing more content is going to, in theory, help with SEO, there is no point in creating content for content’s sake. Ensure you balance the ‘quality vs quantity’ spectrum and adhere  to producing blog entries that are likely to benefit your target audience.  


Inbound link building

Utilising social media is a great way to promote that blog content you’ve just created and provide another platform for users to reach your website. You can also gain additional traffic through referrals from external websites that post links back to your site. How? Well, there are plenty of ways to achieve this. Try to build partnerships with relevant publishers who will find your original content relevant and are able to post this content to their own site (with links back to the original source, i.e. your website). Are you sending press releases to relevant industry websites? By having these published on various sites you’ll experience additional inbound traffic from external sources. Ensure you review inbound links from time to time so you know that the sources referring traffic are those you want to be associated with (i.e. completely relevant to your event/site).


So there you have it! A very basic introduction to SEO. It’s a subject that can get quite complex and requires a certain level of experience to really capitalise on gaining the most from SEO. But even some very simple steps can be taken immediately that will boost your site traffic and help to bring in some additional ticket sales for your event.