March 25, 2015

5 Ways of Using Facebook Advertising to Promote Your Event

Are your Facebook messages not getting the reach they deserve and are you experiencing a lack of engagement? Well then, it’s probably worth looking into Facebook advertising, especially now that it’s paid media. The first step is rounding up some budget in order to get the most out of your fan page. Luckily, Facebook had some pretty affordable price schemes for promoting your event. In this blog you’ll find a few tips on the best ways of approaching this.

Tip 1: Set and test targeted campaigns
There are several options when advertising on Facebook. For example, you can create a campaign with the aim of attracting more likes amongst friends of fans in a particular location. You can also further customise your target audience. You can segment this according to age, location and interests, which you can adjust this per unique ad. If you opt to work in this way, try to pay close attention to which ads are working and which aren’t.

Tip 2: Choose specific groups per campaign
Who would you like your ads to be seen by? Always ask yourself this question before adjusting targeting for your ad. Remember, you can specify exactly what kind of person you’d like this to be seen by.

For example, if you’re a festival organiser you may opt to target your ads to men and women between the age of eighteen and thirty five who like festivals, going out and music. Basically, your chosen target group can be divided into several communication target groups. So, you could have men who like techno and women who like indie. Through one campaign you can approach multiple target groups per campaign ad.

It may at first seem more appealing to go for a larger/broader audience, as it gives the impression your message will be seen by many people. But don’t be fooled – narrowing your audience will get the job done way more effectively! This will prevent your ad from being seen by people who aren’t interested in your message. Alternatively, if you navigate over to the Adverts Manager you can create custom and/or similar target groups. You may want to target people based on particular pages they like.

Custom Groups
You can choose from the following options:
– Custom target data (email addresses , phone numbers or IDs)
– Custom target MailChimp (import database)
– Custom target from your mobile app (specific actions of users/purchases)
– Custom target from your website (retargeting)

Similar Groups
Through similar groups you can find people with the same characteristics or interests as your customized audiences, customers or visitors to your Facebook page. Therefore, you can also expand your network to new people who are interested in your event.

Tip 3: Test different images
It’s important to test out which image works best for your target audience. A general rule of thumb is that 70% click due to a Facebook ad itself, with 20% due to the title and 10% due to text, which is why it’s wise to use multiple images in your ads. Facebook will then automatically select the images which will be displayed to your target audience. After a few days you’ll be able to see which picture performed the best.

Tip 4: Optimise campaigns
After several days of an ad being live, the impact will decline. This is simply due to your target audience having seen the ad. You’ll usually notice the drop after five days. It’s a good idea to see which ads have performed the best and adapt them accordingly. For example, you could adjust the text or image as well as segmentation.

Tip 5: Grow your community
When you do begin advertising, we advise you to start expanding your community. The bigger your community, the more people your ad will ultimately reach. A great place to start is to add a ‘Facebook Like’ button to all your online channels. Our tickets have a ‘Facebook Like’ button which can link to your fan page. Another option is to advertise in order to expand your page likes. From the moment you have a larger audience on your page, you’ll find effective results in your targeted advertising and content.

The aforementioned 5 tips will give you a good base for advertising on Facebook. However, talking about them is one thing, and practical application is another. This requires plenty of trial and error, and by doing so you’ll soon find out what best suits you.

Get started and see how effective advertising on Facebook can be for your event, and soon enough you’ll find you’re selling more tickets!

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Bob Nagel