October 09, 2015

5 ways to make your event attractive to volunteers

Organising an event on a tight budget? Getting a few volunteers on board is a great way to cut costs, but it can be tricky to convince people to lend a hand. Never fear, however, as we’ve put together a few tips that’ll help you to rally the troops in no time.

  1. Get the word out

You know that you’re about to throw the event of a lifetime, but future volunteers won’t figure that out by themselves. Publicise the occasion from the get-go and use several social media platforms to make your call for help loud and clear.


  1. Use everyone’s talents

You might want people to rip ticket stubs all night, but it’s best to involve volunteers as much as possible – somebody might even have a hidden talent that you need. At the very least, engaging with helpers will make them feel valued and keep them coming back in future.


  1. Be clear about your expectations

Volunteering can be a little daunting. Combat any niggling worries by giving helpers plenty of information about training and time commitments you expect them to make. It’s also good to let everybody know that you’ll be there to answer any questions.


  1. Stress the incentives

You might not be offering cash, but there are plenty of other ways to coax people into giving their time. Creating an incentive could be as simple as offering free bacon sarnies or a free hoodie. Just keep in mind that not everyone is after material things – young people will want to know how volunteering can boost their CV.


  1. Stay flexible  

Even the most well-meaning volunteers have other commitments, so you might need to be accommodating and switch things around a bit. It’ll pay off in the long run; flexibility means fewer drop-outs and a lot more motivation!

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