March 12, 2015

6 Creative Ways of Practicing Health & Safety

Following the recent World Health Organisation (WHO) study declaring one billion people between the age of 12 and 35 are at risk of permanent hearing loss, we thought it would be a good idea to give you an insight into health and safety at events. We weren’t prepared to give you the usual safety hooha, which can appear slightly daunting. As Mike Richmond from Richmond Event Management said at the Event Production Show, ”We should make safety a bit more fun rather than all doom and gloom.”

Organisers, it’s time to stop fearing all these agencies and regulations. Take a stand and find that balance between creativity, practicality and safety. There’s always a solution!

We’ve put together a few tips on making safety look more fun. We hope this will get you started and provide as inspiration along the way!

It’s all about security
We’re all well acquainted with the general feeling towards bouncers. More often than not, they’re not the friendliest bunch, and can throw attendees off a little bit, but they mostly do a pretty good job of regulating safety at your events – liked or disliked. But perhaps it’s an idea to dress up those frowns and muscley biceps with something a little less intimidating, and somewhat more friendly.

Idea: Give your bouncers tuxedos or superhero badges. 

What better than to be recognised as the superhero of the party? That’s kind of what they are anyway, right? Allow people to enjoy their presence whilst recognising their super powers. Who could turn away from a Bond-like aura?

Avoid the stampedes
Barriers are rather unsightly things you’d probably rather not plonk into your event space, but of course they are necessary for all sorts of reasons. They also come in all shapes and sizes. You may prefer to go for the typical loose leg crowd control barrier, but then again you may also use walls, planks of wood or storage containers to block off certain areas.

Idea: Create art out of your barricades

Get artist to come and paint your barricades, or alternatively use it as sponsorship space. But if you don’t fancy flashing brands every time you’ve got a chunk of safety apparel thrown into your event, then you could even use it as a creative space for your attendees to decorate. We’ve seen it at a few festivals now, including Buiten Westen, whereby visitors are provided with typewriters to pin their notes up on walls. If you’re using crowd control barriers you can design them with some string art, like you see here.

Keep those ears alive
Let’s not forget these bad boys after the latest WHO study! Keep those ears alive so people can keep on hearing those deep and beautiful melodies at your party, as well as be able to socialise with one another. There are plenty of companies these days providing earplugs, such as Dubs, ProGuard and Earsonic. However, some are a bit more pricey than others, particularly the ProGuard.

Idea: brand your earplugs

Recently, Dubs partnered up with Coachella (as seen here) to produce some beautiful turquoise earplugs for guests. Why not do the same? Your guests walk away with something useful, safe and nice, and you also get some brand promotion out of it too!

Nifty stationery storage
We don’t like to jump to conclusions, but we often find ourselves taking a few stationery essentials when on site, and are pretty certain you do too! To avoid anyone accidentally standing on pins or cutting themselves with a pair of left out scissors, how about finding some nice, yet effective storage containers. You don’t have to go out of your way to buy them, but you can use recycled mason jars. Check out these nice examples.

Don’t forget about the weather!
Perhaps your event had the most perfect weather you could have hoped for, but if you’re based in the UK or the Netherlands, you’re pretty well acquainted with how it can all of a sudden flip on you. If you’ve thrown a big outdoor event, it’s likely you’ll be having to do a big clean up the following day, so don’t forget to leave aside some rain and mud proof gear. And if you’re feeling a bit precious about your hair, or just fancy a bit of fun, then get your hands on a multicoloured umbrella hat.

Alternatively, if your outdoor event is going to be facing some slightly more painful weather then set up some nicely decorated rain tents or scatter some hanging umbrellas about. For more examples, check out our pin board here.

Lastly: loose wires
It’s no question you have many bits of equipment that require electricity at your event. Loose wires are not only hazardous, but can also look quite horrid.

Idea: Turn your loose wires into art

People have done all sorts of things with wires, from making them look like forests on their wall to creating a Bob Marley replica. You can get an idea of this from our Pinterest board. If your wires are too heavy to turn into art then you can also find a few examples how to make them look more presentable.

We hope these examples will open up your safety creative door and lead it on to many others.

Emma Brincat