December 10, 2015

6 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

According to Web Strategies Inc, it’s forecasted that marketers will be increasing their digital marketing spend by 35% of total budgets in 2016. So, with budgets increasing and therefore more (targeted) content out there, how can you get your events noticed without a huge budget and few staff? Read on to see what trends and tactics are going to pull you out of the noise and make you more relevant.

Facebook Messenger to websites

As always, Facebook is constantly updating and releasing new features. It’s latest release to date, is its introduction of a new page plugin for messages and events. This means you can easily respond to your Facebook customers and build a personalised conversation directly from your website. According to NM Incite’s “State of Social Customer Service Report” 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are more likely to recommend that brand to others. So if you haven’t hopped onto this feature yet, aim to get there for the new year and make your customers happy!


Pay to play

If you’re not paying on social media then you’ve probably noticed you’ve been out of the game for a little while. So make sure you’re creating social media ads and sponsoring those posts in 2016. On top of that, keep in mind that as prices are relatively low for advertising on these mediums at the moment, they are forecasted to increase. So, you may want to consider investing some more of your marketing budget into social promotion. When you can easily target and measure results, it’s totally worth it!


Video ads

You may have noticed the increased focus on video content this year. So, on that note and that of advertising, start working towards delivering video promotional material. Create promo videos for your events and use them as adverts on Facebook. You can already see organisations, such as Field Day, making great video content, sparking their audience with nostalgia by taking them back to memories of their past events.

Don’t forget, Facebook isn’t the only medium where video has significantly evolved this year. YouTube’s always been at the forefront of video, so also start utilising YouTube ads to get your brand out there. There are a few tools that can aid you in this. One example is



Firstly, this year Google announced that it will be favouring mobile optimised sites and phasing out those that aren’t. So, quickly hop on board with mobile optimisation before you fall too far behind!

Secondly, according to Robert Leefmans, founder of Notificare and ticketscript talks keynote speaker, 2015 has been the year where there’s been more traffic via apps than the mobile web and desktop combined. Apple identified that a total of 119 apps per person were downloaded with 86% of time spent on the smartphone going towards apps. The focus on mobile is only going to keep growing. Take a look at Camiel Verhey and Robert Leefman’s talks to discover how to adopt mobile into your marketing strategy.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Not entirely new to the table, but ever growing is virtual reality. This year it started a massive hype stirring up all sorts of reactions, from intense fits of laughter to screaming out loud in public and waving to random people. Oculus Rift, the most hyped up VR goggles, are set to be released in 2016, which will open a whole new set of doors to event organisers.

You may have already noticed that this year ticketscript hopped on board the VR bandwagon, inviting a range of experts to events, such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and Reeperbahn Festival. Avinash Changa, founder of WeMakeVR and ADE keynote speaker, explained how VR could impact the event space. With VR you can open the door to new audiences, ones your events are unable to reach geographically. It’s a great way for attendees to be at the event who can’t be there physically. So brace yourselves, as this is something that’ll be taking you by storm in the new year.


Wearable tech

Thought taking the mobile leap was a big enough step? Think again. Ever since the launch of smartwatches, RFID wristbands and NFC technology, wearables have been on the rise, and they will continue to grow into 2016. Make sure you’re equipped to scan tickets via wearables such as Apple Watch. At ticketscript, we’ve already tried this out, so rest assured we’ll always be up to date with the latest tech and aiming to implement it before you can even blink an eyelid.

smart watch

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