August 20, 2015

6 of the most insane queues you wouldn’t want at your event

Here at ticketscript we’re not massive fans of queueing, and let’s face it, who is? Especially when there are simple ways to keep the crowd moving quickly, for instance, by using our access control solutions like Flow. However, a good queue never fails to amuse us (as long as we’re not in it). For that reason we’ve decided to delve into the deep dark web and find out some of the craziest queues throughout time (well, basically as far as Google takes us).

1. Closing down of the nightclub Trouw, Amsterdam

Everyone knew Trouw was going to close sooner or later, and the club definitely didn’t make it easy for people to get entry in its final days. The club was utterly popular in its standing days with people flying in from all around the world to attend its parties, so can you imagine it in its last few hours of life?

Tickets had to be bought at door, and queues were about eight hours long. Literally, one out one in. They even had promoters from the UK phoning and trying to blag their way onto guestlist. Seth Troxler did not take that lightly. 


2. Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts ride, Orlando

In the opening of the Harry Potter ‘Escape from Gringotts ride,’ NBC News reported, “spellbound fans waited up to 450 minutes to ride the new Harry Potter ride at Universal Orlando Resort.” 7.5 hours for a ride of a few seconds? It really must have been mindblowing!



3. Jacqueline Wilson book signing

According to a source, queuing time at the best-selling children’s author book signing peaked at 6 hours. It seems it was worth the while as apparently Jacqueline was warm and welcoming.

Jacqueline Wilson 5[1]



4. London tube strike bus queues

Surprise! Once again London’s transport service has put its residents and economy contributors in a convenient place. Yep, the tube strike has caused the world’s longest bus queue ever! Alright alright, us Brits do love a queue, but this my friend, this is something else.

Ryan Hunter, Victoria bus queue witness, announced on twitter that it took him nearly two minutes to walk the length of the bus queue at Victoria station.


5. King’s College Choir in Christmas Concert

It was said that on one frosty night on Christmas Eve 2010 hundreds of people took their position in line waiting to see the world-famous King’s College Choir. And what a line it was, as people waited overnight in the breathtaking surroundings of the college in Cambridge.




6. iPhone 6 release

This is no joke people. Apple customers around the word actually spent days outside the stores waiting to get hold of this new phone. In the UK and Australia people even camped outside the stores! On a BBC recording, one Sydney resident even admitted to camping outside the store for 10 days. Sorry what? 10 DAYS!!!



All we can say after all this is wow! Oh, and one thing’s for sure is that as amusing as this is, we would never let this happen. Check out our entrance management app Flow, which will make sure the crowd’s flowing in and not missing an ounce of your event.