September 13, 2015

6 Reasons Google Analytics should be your BFF

Have you heard of Google Analytics? You have? But you’re not friends? It’s time to get to know your new BFF.


  1. GA is a cheap date – that’s right Google Analytics is totally free. A world of insight on what is actually happening on your site, no cost. GA is a giver.
  2. GA doesn’t judge – Google Analytics leaves that to you. It just tells you what’s going on, and like all good friends gives you the support to make the right changes.
  3. GA plays well with other – Google Analytics isn’t jealous of new friends. In fact it looks to integrate and help where it can.
  4. GA won’t lie to you – sometimes it’s important to know the truth. Google Analytics will give you the answers directly. Exit rate astronomical? GA won’t sugar-coat the facts.
  5. GA always has your back – no matter what else is going on Google Analytics is always there making sure you don’t miss a beat.
  6. GA will never miss your big moments – once you tell Google Analytics the events that are important to you, it will never forget them. Recording them for you to look back on with fond memories.


So what are you waiting for? Everyone can do with a friend like Google Analytics. To get cracking on it, have a look at how to utilise data to improve your events: