July 28, 2014

6 reasons the Dressage Convention 2014 might just be the best ticket-selling website ever

ticketscript is built on several core principles relating to selling tickets and growing events businesses. All day, every day, we bang on about these principles because we know how effective they are. When we witness an events company totally embracing these principles and THEN some, everyone in the office gets genuinely rather excited, because we’re cool like that.

On this occasion, we’d like to turn your attention to the marvellous bods over at the Dressage Convention 2014. Their integration with the ticketscript system and the design, information architecture and user experience on their website is second to none. Here’s why:

1. Branded/customised ticketshop

This is where the magic happens, the all-important ticketshop. With many ticketing systems, this is where you have to give over the power to your provider, with a lack of customisation and possibly even the requirement to send visitors to a separate site.

Not ticketscript, and not DC14, who have embraced the benefits we offer by styling the ticketshop to fit perfectly with their brand and site in which it is embedded. Buyers never need leave the promoter’s site, and the brand is never diluted by a third party.

2. Buy tickets button

It sounds basic, but one of the most common mistakes we see on event websites is the lack of clear, stand-out “Buy tickets” links and buttons.

DC14’s site is a fine example of best practice here. They feature a “Buy tickets” link in the top-navigation menu of their site and this takes you straight to the page featuring the ticketshop. Furthermore, they make sure to sick in nice big stylised “Buy tickets” buttons elsewhere on the site at any suitable opportunity.

3. Simple, bold ticket ticket-type display

At the top of their ticket-buying page, DC14 have included a lovely visual display of the different ticket types. This helps clarify the different options available, and beats blocks of text or small print every time in terms of readability, professionalism and user experience.

4. % sold indicator

A particularly unusual and innovative device – this live ticker shows what % of a certain ticket type is sold at any point. It makes the site feel real-time, and like it’s living and breathing. From the seller’s point of view, it creates an urgency in the buyer and it helps keep them informed too.

5. Step-by-step graphical AND video tutorial

Another example of really going beyond here, the thoughtful DC14 chaps have even provided tutorials taking buyers through each step so that there’s no confusion at any stage. Not just this, but they’ve provided TWO formats, so you’re covered whether you prefer a nice graphical representation or full video walk-through.

6. ticket-buying FAQs and support link

No matter how smoothly your ticketing and event runs, there are always going to be ticket buyers with questions and enquiries that need addressing. For this reason, we always recommend providing as much information as possible regarding FAQs to help limit the number of queries that come in. Some people may need direct assistance of course, so including the relevant email address, contact form or phone number (if you have one) is always wise.

You’ve probably got the idea by now, but the Dressage Convention’s site is a perfect example of this – they make sure to include answers to as many FAQs as possible, along with links through to the contact form for the ticketscript ticket buyer support desk.

So, there are the six reasons we were so impressed with their site. To understand a little more, we asked Tom Davison from the Dressage Convention about his philosophy when it comes to selling tickets:

“As a fan of technology and events, I based my dissertation around this system a few years ago. Now I’m running my own event in its second year, it was a no-brainer going with ticketscript’s proposal.

We have a really wide range of consumers purchasing tickets and I understand they’re not all as crazy on tech as I am. Much of the time, the queries can be solved with better communication on our side.

The step-by-step guide is there to aid people as they go through the buying process and the videos provide more detail if required. I hope in turn this allows my customers to buy with confidence without feeling like they’ve had to work hard.

ticketscript offers my customers and myself a straightforward process for purchasing tickets from anywhere in Europe and delivering them instantly. No lost tickets, no tickets posted for the wrong performances and I’m looking forward to using the entrance solution too.

We’re only a very small company aiming to achieve big things in our industry so ease of use is vital as we look to keep on building on our success.”

Follow in Tom’s footsteps and get yourself set up with a great ticketing integration too – start by creating your ticketscript account now.

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