June 15, 2015

6 venues that’ll make your blood run cold

With ScareCon approaching and sending shivers up and down our spines all week, we couldn’t help feel this deserves some reflection. If you’re into the nightlife scene you may have heard a thing or two about an unwelcoming cold feeling at certain underground parties in Berlin. If not, you may fancy yourself a tad curious, and want to throw one of your events in an eery venue. Saying that, we’ve decided to enlist a few haunted venues in the UK.

Empire Theatre, Sunderland

This theatre based in the north east of the country has survived World War II and was graced by The Beatles several times. However, in 1976, Sid James had a heart attack there during his performance, and reportedly died before he got to the hospital. The venue is not only said to be haunted by James’ ghost, but also by that of music hall star, Vesta Tilley, and stage manager, Molley Moselle. So, if you’re looking to give a performance served with some extra thrill, then this is the place for you!

empire empire theatre


Payne’s Wharf, Deptford

In recent months, Deptford has been attempting to increase its profile by building amidst the creepy buildings left to rot across Deptford Creek. It was built in 1860 for the manufacturing of marine boilers, and has recently been opened to host its first interactive production. However, given its previous architecture you can’t help think what may lie beneath or lurk above it. After all, a body did wash up on its shore in 2011.

If you’d like to book this place, the last theatre production just ended, so grab it whilst you can!

paynes wharf 71658963a52d5f95a925165c34706040


Old Queen’s Head, Islington

Despite its tendency to host several comedy gigs and open mic nights, it’s also known to be haunted by a lady and a little girl.  It is said that the little girl goes round slamming doors and crying, so if you hear a loud bang during a gig, rest assured it won’t be of the mic ‘accidentally’ dropping.

The-Old-Queens-Head the-old-queens-head (1)


National Emergency Service Museum, Sheffield

This 120-year-old building has been used for shows where reality and fantasy were intertwined – scare shows. Whilst excavating to restore the parts of the building the show was to take place, builders came across several paranormal activity, and had to stop doing their work. They brought in an investigator who sensed spirits of children, police officers and Victorian woman.
If you’re looking to throw a show where your crowd can mingle with the dead, then a venture up north will be worth your while!

Fire-Museumemergency museum


Rochester Castle, Rochester

It’s probably no surprised this castle is haunted. This concert venue is also known to behold a truly special fan, aka the White Lady of Rochester Castle. This is the ghost of Lady Blanche de Warenne, the wife of King Ralph de Capo. It’s reported King Ralph accidentally shot an arrow through her when when he was aiming for the culprit who was trying to force himself on her.
Rest assured your crowd will never feel stifled in this venue as a cold breeze lays upon them!

rochester-castle-2 rochester castle


If you’re thinking of setting up an event in any of these venues, you may want to know more about us and what we can do for you. So, don’t forget to join us at ScareCon where we’ll give you an intro to our services and how to use SEO to grow your events.


by Emma Brincat