November 26, 2015

6 Ways #eventprofs Can Give Life to a Company Blog

Last week we wrote a blog celebrating National Blogging Month, which focused on reasons why you should set up a company blog. In the hope that you’ve followed our advice, we take it you’re on your way to setting it up. We promised we’d supply you with some tips on giving your blog some life, and how to make it fruitful. So, here goes nothing:

Make your content searchable

For SEO purposes make sure your content includes keywords. So, whatever your blog focuses on make sure you enter words that are searched for in Google. If your blog is focusing on telling your audience about the latest supper club events in London, make sure to use keywords that are highly relevant to that industry and ones that are searched for.

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However, don’t let keywords be the only source of driving traffic to your blog, because sorry to break it to you, but you’ll end up disappointed. Google ranks and rewards content that is doing well, so whatever you’re writing, make sure it’s coming from the heart, and that you’re passionate about it.


Write about what you know

Stick to your expertise; what you know. This will help position you as a leader in what you’re doing and make customers return to you for the latest industry knowledge. If you’re organising music festivals you might what to share knowledge and music of the latest upcoming artists and the beautiful new locations you’ll be using.


Use high quality visuals

According to Socialbakers, images on Facebook constituted 93% of the most engaging posts, compared with status updates, links, and even video. Images tell a thousand words, but they also create brand consistency. But make sure your visuals are of high quality and that you have the rights to use them. Have a look at sites, such as Pexels, Picography and A Prettier Web for high quality and free images.


Give free and exclusive content

Give your brand advocates the attention and reward they deserve to keep them loyal to you. Give away brand merchandise or tickets to your events. Perhaps give those fans exclusive access to ticket purchasing before the doors are properly open to the public. If you’re a music related event you might want to give away free downloads of your podcasts/Soundcloud DJ sets.


Find out what works

There isn’t really one particular technique that works to bring more traffic to your blog, so your best bet is testing, find what works and improving it every time. Basically, find something that works with your audience and keep moving forward with it.


Make a content plan

Last, but not least, create an editorial calendar. This will give you more time, flexibility and control. If you’ve got this in place you can focus on delivering quality content and ensure you’re regularly updating your audience on the latest industry news.


So, if you’ve still not compelled to start a blog, or missed out on the first part take a look at why you should start one here. Once you’ve got all your content ready, start sharing it on your social platforms to build up those brand advocates. If you want to reward specific customers, you can also now give our loyalty tool a go. Find out more about this by giving your Account Manager a call or sign up today for access.