June 19, 2014

7 events to help you get in touch with your wild side

Whether it’s cats, sloths, micropigs, pugs, micro pugs or even poorly stuffed corpses, the internet really has proven how much the world loves animals. Funny pictures and cute videos entertaining you through your lunch break is all well and good, but let’s not get overly digitalised and forget about the real world out there.

Most of us know that guilty feeling of spending too much time in front of screens and neglecting the wonders of nature outside.

Thus, in the spirit of appreciating wildlife and supporting people’s passions, we’ve compiled a shortlist of fairs and shows taking place across the UK in the coming months. If you can’t make attend particular events, perhaps they’ll still inspire your inner Attenborough to find one you can make.

Yes, OK, so they’re not all cute and fluffy in an *obvious* way, but maybe you should get to know a carp or two before you go around judging them?

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Our clients:
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20/27 June: Edinburgh Zoo Nights

Perhaps the zoological equivalent of “Hollyoaks Later” – like the zoo, but at night, with more alcohol and for over-18s only.

“Edinburgh Zoo Nights is an adult-only afterhours event where you get the rare opportunity to see what the animals get up to in the evening whilst enjoying a drink and a range of delicious street food.”

15-17 August: Birdfair (Rutland)

Running since 1989, this birdwatching fair celebrates the incredible diversity and history behind the creatures that command our country’s skies. Familiar faces from wildlife television such as Chris Packham and Simon King run cruises and talks throughout the event.

25-26 October: The Family Pet Show (Manchester)

A giant gathering of passionate pet owners, featuring hundreds of stands and special sections for “Dogs, Cats, Birds & Fish, Small Furries and Exotics”. With watch, play and learn areas, it caters for the whole family – and, of course, the pets themselves are more than welcome.

7-8 March 2015: Carpin’ On (Essex)

After another successful 2014 event, Carpin’ On, will return in March 2015: “the UK’s #1 carp fishing exhibition which covers all aspects of carp-angling and brings all the biggest brands under one roof!”

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And some other highlights:
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A trio of particularly pettish affairs – dopey dogs, fuzzy cats and everything in between…not sure what that would actually entail, but basically there is other stuff too.

2-3 August: The Pet Show (Warwickshire)

22 November: Supreme Cat Show (Birmingham)

6 September: Pup Aid (London)

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By Dominick Soar