July 31, 2014

8 Chrome extensions events profs should be using

Your business may be all about “real world” events, but whether it’s researching, planning, promoting or tackling other bits of admin, you can’t avoid spending a lot of your time online. With this in mind, we’ve collated a few extensions we recommend using with the Chrome web browser to help maximise productivity and minimise frustration as you go about all things internetty.

Streak / Signals >
Tools like Streak and Signals (by HubSpot) are something of a revelation when it comes to emailing. Knowing who’s opened your emails used to be limited to specialist email marketing tools like MailChimp or Pure360, but if you use Gmail you can now do this in your own personal or professional email system. Unlike those annoying “read receipt” requests, the recipient doesn’t need to do anything for their opening of the email to be tracked. It’s extremely handy, give it a whirl.

Feedly >
There’s an incredible amount of content being created every day on the web, but fortunately there’s also a lot of ways to help you organise it. One of the best tools to ensure you stay on top of the news and buzz in your particular areas of interest is an app called Feedly. The actual Chrome add-on functionality is limited to just a convenient bookmark icon, but it’s the best way to launch what is a very nice RSS reader.

HootSuite Hootlet / Buffer >
In combination with something like Feedly, content sharing and scheduling tools like HootSuite and Buffer make it easy to keep your social channels active and populated with material you and your audience are interested in. They are apps in their own right, of course, but the convenient Chrome add-ons allow you to share the webpage you’re on without switching tabs or anything.

Google Similar Pages >
When you find yourself on a page or site of particular interest, perhaps during some research for your event or when checking out a competitor, Google’s own Similar Pages add-on is a nifty shortcut to finding…well, similar pages. It can open up new avenues of search or uncover sites you didn’t know to look for; very useful.

ColorPick >
Seen a colour you like and want to use for some branding – perhaps on your website, a banner or a flyer? With Colour Pick installed you can quickly grab the hex code of that colour so that you can use it yourself or pass it on to your designer later.

Merge by MailChimp >
OK, not technically a Chrome extension, this one is actually an add-on to Google Docs. We thought it was so great we wrote a whole piece on it.

BONUS: nCage >
Sure, all those above are useful and practical, but do they provide as much joy as the extension which changes every image on the page to a picture of Nicolas Cage?

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By Dominick Soar