June 16, 2015

8 events to visit to get the inspiration flowing

By now you’ve probably realised most of your other comrade event organisers are attending the same generic festivals to get their hands on some ideas they can replicate at their own events. In a time where live event attendance is on the increase, but where festivals are dropping like flies as the market becomes more competitive, the least thing you want is for your event to look like everyone else’s. So, we’ve summed up a list of festivals that may well have slipped your festival vocabulary, and that are absolute creative havens which you must attend!

Here goes nothing – and by no means are these in any order of preference. We leave the power of that decision in your hands (as always).


Secret Garden Party, UK

This festival is the ultimate adults’ playground. Not only does it welcome an array of human species, but you’ll be sure to run into a few pigs (maybe even a goat this year). But that’s the least of what you’re to experience. The music scene welcomes smaller bands, giving off a more intimate vibe, and allowing you to soak up the environment around you utilising all your senses. The forest land and rolling hills set you on an adventure leading you to sweaty lingerie parties, hidden absinthe bars, aerobatic displays and boxing ring dance offs. Words will never be enough to describe this remarkable whirlpool of creativity. It’s just something you’re going to have to see to believe!


Field Maneuvres, UK

You may have realised by now that expansion is by far synonymous with quality. Field Maneuvres is perfect. It’s set on a riverside location 60 minutes outside of London and welcomes a maximum of 500 attendees, keeping it cosy and inviting. However, music quality is still retained, welcoming artists like Ben Sims & Ryan Elliot. It offers three unique stages comforted by hay bale seating, insane lighting and illuminating trees.


Gottwood, Wales

Set in the Carreglwyd Forest in Angelsey you will find yourself standing below over shadowing bouncing trees as the bass is kicked up with beats from the garage and drum and bass scene. This is another event kept intimate by its limited capacity and gives off an old school rave vibe.



Fusion, Larz, Germany  

Fusion – the land where commercial brands are unwelcome and where fairytales come true! This festival is no short of friendly & easy going hippies with a passion for the underground scene. Set on an old military airfield, stages burst out of the hangers, fire breathing dragons surround the main stage and bands perform in light cubes. For an ever growing festival it still hasn’t lost its quality, and more love and passion is put into it every year. The festival is supported by the likes of Stimming and Oliver Koletzki, so rest assured you will never be short of quality music!


Wilde Mohre, Germany

Set 100km from Berlin this festival believes in tuning in all senses through a comprehensive mixture of art and music.


Helene Beach Festival, Helenesee, Frankfurt

This Frankfurt based festival welcomes a myriad of DJ talent, such as Marek Hemmann, Pan-pot, KiNK, and many more. It takes place on the beach of lake Helene, the cleanest lake of Brandenberg. With the infinite amount of quality music and beautiful scenery there’s not doubt you’ll leave feeling inspired and ready to work on your own event!


Meadows in the Mountains, Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria

This festival is engulfed by breathtaking scenery, as you sit on top of a mountain in an untouched part of Bulgaria and party your days away. If you’re pumped with energy you may feel the urge to climb to the party from your tent. Alternatively, you can get a horse ride up! Soul breathes through every crack of the mountain as musical notes are pounded out by live bands covering funk. rock and jazz, and the floor bounces with bass provided by globally renowned DJs. This homegrown festival is no short of diversity and intimacy.


Flow Festival, Helsinki

The small scale music and arts festival is set a short walk away from Helsinki centre. It showcases an eclectic lineup welcoming international and local talent. Apart from musical talent, it provides a large palette of visual arts and movies.


by Emma Brincat