June 09, 2015

8 videos to take you from mindfulness to mindlessness

As festival season has bestowed upon us, reading lengthy paragraphs is probably the last thing you feel like doing at the end of the day. Rightly so when all your mind can muster up is a couple of brain farts. But don’t take this the wrong way. Giving your mind the freedom to just space out after a productive day on site is a good thing!

They say the best ideas come when you’re in the shower or doing something totally irrelevant to said topic. After all, French mathematician Henri Poincaré beat his two-week mathematical proof struggle by setting it aside and taking a bus to a geology conference. As soon as he stepped on the bus, the solution came to him. The same has been said about Isaac Newton and Einstein.

Mind wandering allows you to think more about the picture, reduce stress, and improve decision making. So, if you want to lead a good life, it’s important to find a balance between zoning out and being alert.

Right, I’m going to stop writing now, and lavish you with a few videos & websites that’ll keep you inspired whilst you tune out!

  1. Touch Pianist
  2. Fluid Experiments
  3. The Colour of Things

4. Video Mapping

5. Audio Visual Sequencer Performance, MLOVE Europe Conference 2014

6. Existdance Costa Rica 2014

7. Line Segment Space

8. To end this list and send you to sleep with some positive thoughts, remember that your hard work and injection of creativity is helping transform communities:



by Emma Brincat