July 24, 2015

9 3/4 Ways Harry Potter would knock your event off its broomstick

With the given hype around the launch of a new Harry Potter movie, we began imagining what it would be like if Harry Potter was an event organiser’s friend. Would it be a reenactment of the feast of the Great Hall or would your event revisit the Battle of Hogwarts? Let’s find out below!


No shows? More shows!

We already know of Harry’s loyalty amongst his two man and a girl clan, and how he defended Mr Longbottom during his first days at Hogwarts. It seems that wherever Harry goes he finds friends, so it will be no surprise if he brings a bunch of friends and followers along with him.



Team Spirit

Being a Quidditch player we know Harry’s no short of team playing skills, so if ever in doubt that your volunteers won’t work well together bring on Potter. After all, you can’t play Quidditch without learning to work together!



There’s always a solution!

Worried there’ll be a lack of creativity and idea generation? Fear not! Harry always comes up with a solution, but if not you can count on his loyal supporters (Hagrid? Sirius Black?) to save the day.



Ani-mail invitations

Of course, Harry’s pet owl sending out invitations is a must! Get Hedwig to add a personal and unexpected touch to your invitations.



Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-bangs

With Fred and George’s assortment of unstoppable fireworks you’ll have a lightshow to last you till your next event. Did we forget? They come in 3D too!



Don’t mess with Dumbledore

Harry does not condone the actions of Dementors so they will not be present to keep people in line, but should event goers over indulge in butter beer Dumbledore’s Army will swiftly escort them off the premises.




Now now let’s not leave out Hagrid and Fluffy the three headed dog, who will protect your precious belongings with all their might! Just make sure you don’t have any artists who are prone to playing lullabies, otherwise you’re in for trouble.




If things aren’t going on time or there’s been a massive mishap you can’t escape Hermione will be to the rescue with her time-turner. If an artist or speaker decides to cancel just go back in time and find someone else with ample time left to focus on other important things.



Happy attendees

The Mirror of Erised – where people can see the most desperate desire in their hearts. Rest assured, if you place this on stage and in bathrooms, your audience will always be happy. They can see the artists they want to see and see the person they’d always dreamed of being.



Back up lighting

Well, since we’ve already mentioned lighting we thought it would be greedy to sign this off as a unique tip, so, count this as our ¾ tip. If you don’t fancy unstoppable fireworks there’s always Ron’s deluminator. You know – the thing that looks like a silver cigarette lighter, but actually is able to suck all the light from one place, and restore it in one simple click.


If after reading all this, the magic still hasn’t been sparked then feel free to tune into one of the next best things. It may not require the swish of a wand, but instead, the swipe of a finger. Here it is, our entrance management app, Flow.


Emma Brincat