March 16, 2015

9 Free Websites to Use as an Event Planner

It’s tough organising any event. It’s a little daunting with so much technology vying for you and your business.I guess it’s like walking out of Piccadilly Circus station and being bombarded with flashing lights, leaflets, flyers and most annoying, people walking up to you trying to sell you something. We’ve all been there.

As a way to make your lives a little easier we decided to collate 9 free websites every event organiser and manager should be using. The tools can be used for promotion via social media, website creation, funding sources to live broadcasts. There’s something for everyone.

Dropbox is a neat platform to share files (up to 2GB with a free account). You’re able to share (pictures, videos, documents etc) via private invites.The perfect way to keep every member of your team in the loop leading up to the big event.

Originally created as blogging software, the easy to use platform is used by nearly a third of websites and have thousands of free themes. The software is

Now its time for one of our favourites. Funding your event has always been difficult (unless you have loaded relative), however, Kickstarter enables crowdfunding, all the while building an audience in the process. The funding itself can start at £1. Kickstarter has funded many projects, whether it be for documentaries to local festivals or purely as a promotional tool for cat cafes in New York. An idea is even to create a product centred around your event organisation and use it as a way to get awareness for your events. 

Planning social media leading up to an event can be a nightmare. With so much to do, planning and organisation tools would be very helpful. Well, luckily enough we’ve found an answer. Plancast helps you to upload images/videos/content through social media. Useful for planning and organising social promotion

Doodle is a useful scheduling tool for events. Features include coordinating meetings with nuances such as the ability to show when you’re available as well as when you want to be contacted. It also includes polling tools.

While not as widely used as other social media such as Facebook, Google+ gives managers and organisers the platform to present live broadcasts on YouTube channel. Google+ enables you to create private group conversations, and along with Google Drive, promoters are gifted by an all-encompassing tool.

Google Analytics
We’ve harped on about it for years now, but you can’t deny its usefulness. Data is power, and this free tool will deepen the understanding of your audience, and to put on a successful event, this is undoubtedly needed

Ideal for gathering and publishing media to build narrative for your event. The tool enables you to find, collect, and share what people are saying all over the web. Storify enables promoters/organisers to see what people are saying in regards to your event.  
Ever looked at an infograph and wondered ‘that must have taken ages to make’? is an easy way to create interactive infographics with no design skills necessary.

Raj Jilka