July 17, 2012

Adding a banner to your Facebook ticketshop

Customise your Facebook ticketshop with your event branding by adding a banner.

Firstly, create a suitable image which needs to be 438 pixels x 131 pixels and saved as a .jpg file.

The image you want to display on your Facebook ticketshop needs to be ‘hosted’ on your website or in an online image gallery. It cannot be stored on your local PC. If you have a MailChimp account, you can upload the image to your image gallery then click on the magnifying glass which allows you to view the image full-size on a new webpage. Copy the URL that is displayed and use it in the code below.

Next, go to the dashboard, login and click on the “TICKETSHOP” tab at the top of the screen. This will then show a list of your channels. Click on the “Layout” icon in the Facebook channel. This will bring up a screen where you can change the colours of your ticketshop. Click on the “Pencil” icon in the “Ticketshop” field. A pop-up will appear entitled “Edit channel”. In the “Notification in” field, add the following code to add your banner image to your Facebook ticketshop.

< img title=”Ticketscript” src=”http://gallery.mailchimp.com/5180ed8a9fb70936de5a8abc2/images/demo_ticketshop_fb.jpg” alt=”” width=”438″ height=”131″ >

The text in bold needs to be changed to make it relevant to your event.

Once you have made the changes to the code, the image should appear in your ticketshop – 

Only change the bold text otherwise the banner image will not display properly. If you have any questions or need any further help, please contact your Account Manager.