July 24, 2012

Adding bank account details to your tickescript account

In order to receive payment for your ticket sales revenue you need to make sure that you have entered your bank details into your ticketscript dashboard.

To do this, login to the ticketscript dashboard, click on ‘Settings’ in the black menu at the top right of the page, next click ‘Bank Information’. 

Complete the following fields:

  • Bank number: Enter your account number
  • Account holder: Enter your account name
  • Sort code: Enter your sort code with no hyphens or spaces e.g. 207082
  • SWIFT/BIC: Only enter this if you have a non UK bank account
  • IBAN: Only enter this if you have a non UK bank account 

Check that the information is correct and then click ‘Save’.  

Please note: If you wish to change your bank account details, you need to supply a letter on official company letterhead requesting the bank details to be changed. It must include the new bank details and should be emailed to your Account Manager. This is to prevent fraudulent activity e.g. if multiply people have access to your ticketscript dashboard they aren’t able to change the bank details.