January 08, 2014

An Extra Special Finish To An Extra Special 2013

Yes, yes we know, it’s 2014 and, in the world of tech and innovation, we should strictly adhere to talking about the future. However, we feel obliged to pay a final word of respect to the year of 2013 after it ended particularly spectacularly here at ticketscript.

We had our most successful festive season to date by a long way, which rounded off a record breaking 12 months. That’s not just marketing hyperbole either, and we have the numbers to prove it…

Group-wide in 2013

  • Over 7,000 NYE events used ticketscript
  • Over £10m in ticket sales processed in December alone
  • Annual ticket sales grew 49% year-on-year
  • More than 25,000 events used ticketscript
  • Mobile tickets sold in Dec grew 69% YoY
  • Facebook purchases in Dec grew 61% YoY

It went right down to the wire too – it seems people don’t like to make their New Year’s Eve plans too far in advance: almost 20% (£2m) of the £10m December ticket sales took place on the 29th or later.

So that’s the big picture, now let’s get geographical.

In 2013, nearly 5,000 UK events used ticketscript; a figure assisted by the creation of 1100 new accounts over the course of the year.

If we look at the success seen in the UK towards the end of the year, it suggests 2014 is set to be huge too with existing ticketscript clients selling 58% more tickets in December 2013 than in December 2012.

Evidence like this is why we’re confident word will continue to spread about the success we’re delivering for our clients in the UK and the rest of Europe.


Whilst we grew sales and revenue significantly across the board, it might be fair to describe Germany as the golden boy as far as our 2013 successes went.

Nearly one million tickets were sold this year in Germany, almost double that of 2012 which made it the fastest growth region for ticketscript in 2013.

The Netherlands, where it all began. Seven years after first starting out in Amsterdam, the motherland continues to yield yet more growth every year.

Over 2 million tickets were sold across Netherlands in 2013 which equates to a 50% year-on-year rise, perfectly in-line with overall group growth.

The Netherlands’ neighbouring operation in Belgium continues to show growth too. Over 1600 events sold through ticketscript last year, a 36% increase on 2012.

Our newest market, Spain, opened a brand new office in Barcelona last year. Having also doubled their headcount in 2013, the team are ready for a massive 2014.

What kind of events are we ticketing for?
It was an exciting and notably varied year when it came to event genres. Our growth has been accompanied by more diversification and a wider range of clients coming on board. Promoters of thousands of events across a wide range of genres opted to sell more with ticketscript – circuses, film events, exhibitions, tournaments, zoos, theater, you name it. We work with a wonderfully dynamic mix of events professionals which mean there is never a dull day with our clients.

Due to our music industry origins, we have a solid client base of gigs, concerts, club nights and other similar music events.

It was the festival category which really grew last year, with this portion of our portfolio rising from 23.7% to 30% in 2013.

By Dominick Soar