March 25, 2014

Analytics Connect from ticketscript: An Introduction

In the pursuit of delivering as much useful data as possible to our customers, we’ve made several additions to the reporting side of ticketscript. Here we’re going to run through the basics of one particular feature that integrates with the Google Analytics dashboard; we’re calling it Analytics Connect. If you’re already using Google Analytics, this adds some very useful data into what you’ll already see in your dashboard.

First, a distinction…

In the ticketscript dashboard: The “#sellmore” reporting suite
There is a certain amount of data available within the ticketscript dashboard without ever having to set up or do anything with a Google Analytics account at all. Hopefully you’re already using these reports, but you can read more about these features in this blog post.

In the Google Analytics dashboard: ticketscript’s Analytics Connect
There is a level up from the #sellmore reporting suite, which provides even greater insight into your traffic and ticket buyers – it differs in that it requires moving out of the ticketscript system to use the Google Analytics dashboard.

So, what is Analytics Connect and why use it?

Analytics Connect is an integration between our system and Google Analytics, through which ticketscript passes detailed ecommerce data directly to your Google Analytics account. This means that you can view your standard Google Analytics data alongside actual ticket purchase data provided by ticketscript.

There are several ways this extends from the aforementioned reporting suite which is housed within ticketscript:

1. Tracking of all campaigns – paid and organic

Google Analytics automatically tracks and categorises Adwords (i.e. paid campaigns with Google) by default, and by using the Google URL Builder you can track every single campaign you create. This not only includes any paid campaign, but also any social media post (paid or otherwise), email link and anything else – as long as you build out the target URL with Google’s tool.

2. Custom Reports

Google Analytics includes a multitude of great preset reports, but it also enables you to cut the data any way you like using custom reports. By now including our ticket buying data, you can create a whole range of new reports that will also include the all important element of conversion.

3. Site Activity

By adding conversion values to site activity, you will be able to see whether on-site behaviour has an impact on conversion. Do visitors to certain pages convert more or less than standard users? Does a different entry page help conversion? You can answer these questions and more now that Analytics Connect provides you with conversion data.

How do I set up Analytics Connect?

We’ll be working on a full guide to help you run through this, but for now there is a quick set-up in the “Analytics Connect” section of this blog.

Alternatively, just drop your account manager a line and they’ll be more than happy (seriously) to get you set up with this. It’s not something we expect every client to use, but we’re very excited to work on it with those who do.

Unrivalled reporting power: Another reason to use ticketscript

If it’s taking some time to get your head around this concept, don’t worry. The whole reporting aspect is very cutting edge and something unique to ticketscript that no other ticketing provider has offered yet. So, why are we offering it? Because we believe in using data to empower our customers any way we can – it’s in our interest to help you sell more tickets, so everything we do works towards this aim.

By Dominick Soar