February 19, 2014

Announcing ticketbox: Europe’s first on-the-door sales app

Anyone familiar with ticketscript will know that we’ve always been more than just a provider of online ticketshop software. We’re a 360 solution, meaning we provide you with strategic advice, sales data, entrance management hardware and even staff to help out where appropriate.

As a start-to-finish partner to your events business, we’re pleased to announce a huge addition to our services – ticketbox, Europe’s first on-the-door sales app, complete with a full package of payment and ticket issuing equipment.

Using ticketbox, promoters will be able to offer a slick and professional service for on-the-door sales. These will be fully tracked in their ticketscript dashboard along with their usual online sales. When buying tickets on the door, with cash or card, customers will either receive a printed ticket on the spot or have one sent direct to their mobile, which can then be scanned at the entrance.

Watch the video about this and our other new offering now.

There are a whole host of benefits to this new offering:

  • Inventory planning is simplified by the ability to sell from one ticket-allocation, from the start of an event to the finish.
  • Last-minute sales can be taken full advantage of, without compromising on professionalism.
  • Full integration with the ticketscript dashboard gives event organisers unprecedented levels of data and insight into their on-the-door sales, completing the 360-degree picture.
  • No setup cost and minimal hardware investment make for a highly cost effective tool.
  • Accurate logging and tracking of transactions maximises security and minimises fraud
  • Card and cash payment options provide customers with a positive experience from the start – and by paying with card, it allows customers to have more cash on hand to spend at the event.
  • Easy scalability means size of event isn’t an issue.

The main ticketscript solution already offers event organisers the ability to leave their ticket sales live throughout their event; and with the introduction of ticketbox, event organisers can now also sell tickets at the door in a professional manner and track those valuable sales stats all on one central system – the ticketscript dashboard – taking box office solutions to a whole new level.

We’re all about empowering the event organiser and, when we say that, we mean *however* big or small the event is. That’s why ticketbox, the first of its kind in Europe, is so exciting. It means there is now nothing stopping any event organiser from having a slick on-the-door sales system. You won’t need expensive printers or booking systems and you (or your staff) will get to grips with the app in moments. All it takes is a tablet (and you know how cheap they are these days), decent wifi and the ticket printer/card reader is optional.

This makes ticketscript the only truly end-to-end solution, no matter what size the event, ticketbox redefines the ticketing and sales possibilities for event organisers across Europe.

By Dominick Soar