January 10, 2014

“Apparently I bought my tickets through ticketscript… whoever that is.”

This article is to explain who we, ticketscript, are from the perspective of a ticket buyer. Because we are effectively a white label technology solution, we differ from most ticketing companies. Further information is also available on our FAQs page, linked below.

If you’ve found this article, you’ve either been directed here by a member of our team
or you’ve sought out the information yourself. Either way, the chances are that you bought a ticket through ticketscript and have some questions…

Who should I contact if I have issues with my ticket?


Once we are informed of a cancelled show by the promoter, you will receive an email confirming what the procedure is with regard to refunds. This will vary dependent on the promoter and the cause of the cancellation.

Problems purchasing a ticket:

We have a dedicated support line to help with ticket queries; please email support@ticketscript.com. This allows us to track all issues and respond to them as fast as possible. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours and will prioritise them based on urgency. For that reason, please include the event date in your email subject.

Can’t find your ticket?

Not to worry, it happens to all of us. Luckily we’re a digital platform so it’s easy for us to resend you your ticket via email. Just pop in your email address here and we’ll send it right away.

Additionally, you may find relevant information in this list of frequently asked questions.

What is ticketscript? Why haven’t I heard of it?

ticketscript is a self-service online ticketing solution. Crystal clear, right? OK…maybe not quite, bear with us. Our business is simply to provide our clients (i.e. event promoters) with technology that enables them to sell tickets online, direct to their customers. When promoters use ticketscript, they maintain total control over the ticketing, the ticketshop, the pricing, the event itself and refunds too.

We’re a behind-the-scenes outfit, so to speak. Over 20 million tickets have been bought through us across Europe, but you might not have heard of us because it’s event promoters we need the attention of, not the ticket buyer.

What about when I buy my tickets through Ticketmaster, SeeTickets or something…isn’t it the same?

No, and this is a big one – the way ticketscript works with promoters is completely different to companies like these. They act as third parties, or agents, who take the responsibility for selling the tickets away from the event promoter. When you buy tickets through these companies, you are dealing with that ticketing agent and not the promoter. However, when buying through ticketscript, you’re still dealing directly with the promoter.

The benefits of this for both the event promoter and you, the ticket buyer, are something we’re very passionate about. For example, the promoter you bought your tickets from may use your email address and other details to show you things you’re interested in – but you won’t get endless newsletters from us about events you don’t care about.

Why can’t the main ticketscript team help me?

The staff at ticketscript are here to help event promoters sell tickets. Our job is to work with them so that they are able to set up and maintain their ticketshops themselves. Everything we do is aimed at helping promoters put on great events with an easy ticketing process that serves their ticket buyers as best as possible.

Of course, sometimes the promoter will require us to help out ticket buyers directly which is why the separate Support team exists – reachable either via support@ticketscript.com