October 07, 2013

Battle of the DJs on Social Media [Infographic]

If you spend any longer than 30 seconds in one of ticketscript\’s offices this week, the chances are you\’ll hear ADE mentioned at least seventy-one times. It\’s the biggest dance festival in Europe, it\’s happening next week and WE\’RE GOING TO BE THERE. So yes, we\’re quite excited.

Amongst all the amazing stuff going on at ADE, next week will see DJ Mag announce the public’s vote for the Top 100 DJs of 2013. We’ve been indulging our curiosity by investigating who looks like a good shout for the top spots and have made an infographic of our findings. 

[View the infographic now]

How did we begin? Well, social media, of course. It’s now widely acknowledged that a healthy social presence is an essential component to success in the music biz, as with an ever-increasing number of other industries.

Being active and visible on social media is absolutely paramount when it comes to artists being heard, records being bought AND of course – tickets being sold. That’s why we place so much emphasis on the social side of our ticketing solution, by giving our customers the power to sell tickets directly through their Facebook pages.

We’re all about keeping a close eye on the all-important revenue numbers here at ticketscript, so we then cross-referenced our social media findings with data about cold hard cash.

So does social supremacy equal supersonic salaries for DJs? Take a look at our infographic to find out…