June 24, 2014

Beyond online sales: Selling on the door

Here are two facts. One: The number of tickets sold via mobile and online services continues to increase every year – 2013 saw a 58% YoY increase in the number tickets sold by existing ticketscript clients. Two: In February 2014, we introduced a new product which enables our customers to sell tickets on the door…i.e. *not* online or via mobile.

Despite the online trends, event promoters know there are various scenarios where tickets will always need to be sold on the door. So, how do you best go about doing so?

– – – – –

The old way:

Transactions on the door may be made without any proper tracking, quite possibly from a separate allocation. This makes it hard to monitor how many tickets you’ve sold on the door and to analyse this as part of your total sales. The lack of audit trail can also cause issues with ensuring your finances are secure and balanced – including reconciliation of any parties, such as acts or affiliates, who are due a cut of ticket revenue.

Then there is the customer experience – on many occasions you’ll only be able to take cash, causing queues and frustration for those who want to pay on card.

All in all, the old way isn’t much use.

– – – – –

The new way: ticket box office

We’ve developed an Android tablet app which solves all this. Combine it with our specially built hardware package to make the complete ticket box office – a professional and comprehensive on the door sales solution, exclusive to ticketscript.

When using the app, every sale will be tracked and stored in your ticketscript dashboard, allowing you far greater ability to monitor how many are sold on the door versus online, clear visibility on transactions carried, money taken and many other vital insights.

Not only will this safeguard you from security issues and make inventory planning and reporting post-event much easier, but you’ll provide a slick and professional customer experience at the entrance – the importance of which can never be overestimated.

Offering the option of card transactions also means more cash left for customers to spend on food and drink once they’re through the door – good news for you, the venue and any catering partners involved.

An added bonus: More customer data

One of our guiding principles at ticketscript is to provide our clients with sole ownership of their customer data. It’s an incredibly valuable asset which allows you to grow your events through loyalty and laser-targeted marketing.

Traditionally, however, selling on the door didn’t afford any opportunity to collect email addresses. The ticketscript ticket box office changes this by allowing you to incorporate data capture as part of the selling process at the door – simple yet extremely powerful.

To find out more about using ticket box office for your event, just contact your account manager, tweet us @ticketscript or sign up for an account.

By Dominick Soar