Sell tickets for your business conventions and conferences

If you want to sell tickets for your convention professionally you need ticketscript.

Integrate the ticketshop directly onto your site, design bespoke tickets for yourself and your sponsors, and take advantage of our efficient entrance management tools. Gain valuable insight into your ticket buyers and grow your event every year.

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Invaluable data about your attendees

Using ticketscript will enable you to see who your attendees are, where they’ve come from, and what devices they use. Collect all the data that’s important to you to make your future events a success.

From team training seminars to multi-day conferences the ticketscript solution can scale to your event.

Fast payments

Quick, direct and secure payments made to your bank account.

Fully integrated ticketshop

Your ticketshop can be integrated into your Facebook fan page in one easy step.

The #sellmore reporting suite

Better understand your business, your marketing and your customer's behaviour.

Start selling tickets

and enjoy your success!