August 06, 2012

Cancellation Insurance for Ticket Buyers

We\’re excited to announce that we are offering a great new feature: Cancellation Insurance to ticket buyers. We are working with Mondial Assistance Europe to provide the insurance.

Helping our customers to increase their ticket sales is very important to us and introducing Cancellation Insurance will reduce the barriers that ticket buyers face when purchasing tickets in advance. It also means that they will no longer lose revenue from refunds.

How it works:

  • The ticket buyer has the option of selecting Cancellation Insurance when purchasing tickets for an event
  • If they choose this option they will be protected if they are unable to attend the event for a reason that is out of their control

The insurance covers the ticket buyer if they are unable to attend the event because of the following necessary and unavoidable circumstances:

  • The death, serious injury or illness of the ticket buyer or a relative;
  • The ticket buyer is called for jury service in the ticket buyers country of residence or as a witness in a court in the ticket buyers country of residence;
  • The ticket buyer is needed by the police following a burglary, or damage caused by serious fire, storm, flood, explosion, subsidence, vandalism, fallen trees, impact by aircraft or vehicle at your home;
  • The public transport (including scheduled flights) that the ticket buyer is using to get them to the event venue does not run to its timetable, or;
  • The vehicle the ticket buyer is travelling in has an accident or breaks down or is delayed in a traffic jam for more than 3 hours, when there is no alternative route available.

Ticket buyers will receive a confirmation email and a copy of their policy upon purchase of the insurance. Ticket buyers must contact Mondial directly if they have questions or wish to make a claim. If the claim is accepted the ticket buyer will get 100% of the ticket price returned to them.

The terms and conditions are available online at: