July 07, 2016

Client Case Study: Why do Gingerline work with ticketscript?

We have the absolute pleasure of working with some amazing brands and event organisers here at ticketscript. One of these great brands comes through Gingerline, an immersive dining event that takes place at secret locations tucked away alongside the London Overground’s (or Ginger Line’s) east side route.

It is an incredibly unique event operated by some of the most inspiring event organisers that London has to offer. We were lucky enough to sit down with co-founder, Suz Mountfort, on site at The Chambers of Flavour location and discuss what they like about working with our product and our staff. Check it out below.


* Thanks to Emma Nathan and Emli Bendixen for providing the great event footage


Key findings from the Gingerline/ticketscript partnership

  • Gingerline experience a very high demand of traffic through their ticketshop when they go on sale and it’s crucial that the software can handle this surge. Our ticketshop has been extremely reliable in ensuring Gingerline’s customers can purchase tickets without the site crashing.
  • Gingerline require a lot of customer information during the ticket purchasing process including mobile, email and dietary requirements to name a few. This is achieved easily within the ticketscript dashboard when setting up your ticketing.
  • Due to the complex nature of their events, Gingerline are reliant on dedicated Account Management to ensure the entire ticketing process from planning to execution runs smoothly. Our Account Management team are always more than happy to go the extra mile.


Head over to Gingerline now to buy your tickets!