Southport Airshow

We commissioned ticketscript to facilitate our online ticket sales for both the Southport Airshow and British Musical Fireworks Championships during the 2011 events season.  An excellent customer experience is key to our events and offering customers a 24 hour online ticketing service enhanced this. The Entrance Manager provided on site support and was very useful in ensuring the smooth running of the operation.  We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with ticketscript in 2012 and future years.

The Tourism Department, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

Our client

The Southport Airshow is an annual event that takes place in September, attracting over 80,000 visitors. The British Musical Fireworks Championships is a three night event where competitors battle it out with their fireworks displays set to music to be crowned champion of the competition. The event attracts over 25,000 visitors over the three nights.


  • The Sefton Council has a ticketscript ticketshop integrated into their website and Facebook fan page allowing visitors to buy tickets in advance to their events
  • Due to the volume of visitors to these events, Sefton Council required a robust entrance management system to handle multiple entrances and scan e-tickets quickly to avoid congestion at the entry points
  • The delivery of e-tickets instantly after purchase means tickets are able to stay on sale longer than hard copy tickets which have to be posted 3 days before the event
  • A more cost efficient solution with e-ticket delivery and the administration burden associated with hard copy tickets is removed
  • Real time statistics and reports available 24/7 on ticket sales
  • The possibility of fraudulent tickets is ruled out as all e-tickets have a unique barcode that can only be scanned once and then becomes invalid
  • The full service entrance management solution allows visitors quick entry into the event
  • On-site technical support from ticketscript’s Entrance Manager during the event

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