Tesco Wine Fair

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Tesco Wine Fair provides attendees a chance to taste hundreds of wines from over 14 countries. There’s an opportunity to learn from experts, attend workshops and stock up on their favourite wines.


  • Fast way of selling promotional or early bird or last minute tickets
  • Automatic capture of email addresses which can be used to promote the next event
  • Efficient and effective entrance solution allows scanning of e-tickets and mobile tickets on entry, reducing fraudulent and black-market ticket sales
  • Customer support service to answer any questions that your ticket buyers may have
  • Automatic capture of ticket buyers information such as email addresses and mobile number building a customer database to market future events
  • Expert advice on setting up entrances to the fair to maximise visitor flows and reduce queues at the entrance
  • The dashboard provides access to real time statistics on ticket sales, revenue, entrance numbers and the most popular sales channels

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