Torture Garden

Torture Garden has been running events for the past 20 years and until we started working with ticketscript, everything was paper based. The whole change over process from our old in-house system to the ticketscript system was so simple. Having e-tickets and m-tickets rather than physical tickets has really sped up getting people into our events. Ticketscript have been both efficient and lovely to work with, and have actually freed up some of my time with their product.

Charlotte Heti, Manager, Torture Garden

Our client

Prior to working with ticketscript Torture Garden sold paper tickets over the phone through a box office and tickets were posted to ticket buyers.  Now all ticketing is done online through their ticketscript ticketshop which is integrated into their website and Facebook fan page.


  • E-tickets and m-tickets are scanned on entry removing the paper lists that a door person used to manually check off ticket buyers
  • Database of ticket buyers automatically captured and is used for e-mail campaigns to promote future events
  • The ticketscript dashboard gives a breakdown of ticket buyers by age, gender, location so Torture Garden have an demographic overview of their customers
  • Tickets are able to be sold right up to the start of the event and whilst the event is happening, which means more tickets are sold
  • The ticketscript Entrance Manager System allows Torture Garden to see what time people arrive on the night of the event enabling them to manage their crowd flow more efficiently
  • Using the wireless system to scan tickets means that Torture Garden can hold their events at nearly any location
  • Torture Garden have seen a drop in tickets being sold for profit on e-bay with the introduction of e-tickets and m-tickets

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